sell sunsetChristine Quinn cut ties with the hit Netflix series and the Oppenheim group followed by the series. As the perceived villain of the series, Quinn has gained fans and a huge social following which she is now looking to leverage as she starts her own brokerage firm and grows her already impressive modeling career.

As a powerful realtor and successful businesswoman, Quinn inspired her fans to work hard to achieve their goals, but not to sacrifice the things they love and their personality while working for them. If the rumors are true, Quinn won’t be away from reality TV for too long, but until then, her fans are clamoring to know more about the reality TV star.


She’s a mom

Quinn and her husband welcomed their first child together in May 2021. Despite being her top priority, Quinn avoids posting her son’s face in an effort to preserve his privacy until he’s older. a decision that many famous parents have chosen in recent years. Christine’s birth story was difficult for fans to watch on the show, but she felt it necessary to share it.

As she shared on her Instagram, Christine felt it was essential to show people what she’s been through to be authentic and show fans that they can overcome anything and still be a boss. Quinn then discussed the experience in one of the most emotional moments of sell sunset.

She’s an author

Quinn’s book is a perfect example of what she did to succeed in business and modeling and how others can achieve their dreams without giving up their personality. As a self-help guide and memory, the book works as a way for Quinn to share her skills, like having some of the best time management on sell sunsetand work in hazardous work environments.

For a business book, it’s deeply personal and more like a big sister talking to her siblings than a professor addressing a class in a cold lecture hall.

She is obsessed with beauty

If it wasn’t clear on her social media, Christine Quinn is obsessed with all things beauty. But her love for glamor goes beyond collecting pretty things, although she likes to do that too. Quinn has her makeup collaboration with Ciate London, a fragrance and shoe collaboration with Shoe Dazzle.

Like most things in her life, Quinn turned her passion for fashion into a business venture that made her even wealthier than she already is, especially with the exposure she gained through at sell sunset.

His birthday

Christine Quinn is 33 and her birthday falls on October 14, which makes her a Libra. As a Libra, Quinn naturally struggles to find balance in her life, so having her portrayed as the show’s villain makes little sense. However, Libras have a flair for the dramatic, which is why Quinn had some of the most dramatic quotes on sell sunset in season five.

Christine’s outgoing style and attitude, which have helped her succeed in her career, are traits of her zodiac sign and work in her favor as she navigates her chosen industry.

She dropped out of high school

In an interview with People, Quinn explained that she never graduated from high school or received a GED. This may come as a shock to viewers of the show as there is a stigma that people who do not receive a formal education cannot succeed, especially in such competitive fields as real estate.

With no graduate school to fall back on, Quinn had to use her work ethic to rise to the top of California’s real estate and fashion industry. By being open about her life experiences, Quinn inspires others to overcome obstacles and be who they strive to be.

Her husband

It’s no secret that Christine Quinn is married to tech mogul Christian Richard, with whom she’ll start her new real estate company now that she’s gone Sell ​​sunset. The couple’s engagement and wedding festivities quickly became some of Christine’s best moments on sell sunset and are fondly remembered by fans of the series.

Although there is an age gap in their relationship, the difference doesn’t seem to bother the couple and they often venture out with their son, Christian. Even though the couple rarely appear together on social media, the pair are apparently married.

She loves traveling

Since she works in such a stressful industry, it’s no wonder Quinn loves taking the time to get away from the hustle and bustle of real estate and take a well-deserved vacation. According to her social media, Quinn often travels abroad and, of course, travels in style. Quinn recently toured France and Italy, showing off her fashion sense while exploring some of the best fashion Europe has to offer.

Although she spends time relaxing in Europe, Quinn often works as a model when she is abroad, which was the case during her last trip to Paris.

She’s ready for the drag race

In a recent interview with the Gay Times UKQuinn said she was a big fan of RuPaul’s Drag Race and awaits an invitation to an additional special guest judge on the show. Quinn would make a good judge on the show, as she already knows what it takes to create a great runway look and how to paint a face better than most.

Quinn has enough fans that her presence on the show is a draw for both of them. drag race and Sell ​​Sunset fans. With more seasons of drag race along the way, his dream may soon come true.

Fans can shop her closet

With such a love for fashion, Quinn is constantly getting new clothes, so she has to make room in her closet for new styles. Ever the business woman, Quinn lets her fans buy the clothes she no longer wants on Xtinequinncloset. Some of the clothes have been featured on her social media and range from shoes and accessories to full sets.

Of course, fans who want to wear the fashion should be the same size as Quinn, unless they only want the clothes as a piece of their favorite reality star.

She sells too many sunsets

Even though the show gave her the boost she needed to become a superstar, Quinn is done with it. sell sunset. On the call her daddy podcastQuinn has been very open about how unhappy she was with her treatment on the show and in The Oppenheim Band.

With her new business venture taking over her purpose, Quinn has no reason to continue promoting the Netflix show, but it’s clear her departure was just as dramatic as any of the show’s episodes. Quinn has had enough success off the show that cutting ties won’t hurt her in the future.

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