At its best, money provides security and the ability to buy cocktails with friends. But when money is scarce, it limits the dreams of life. While there is no magic stone that delivers money to your doorstep, turning to crystals for money – whether to soothe anxieties or encourage new wealth – cannot do of badness.

“Whatever our personal relationship with money, chances are there are wounds that need to be healed,” says Daisy Rivera Avalos, an empowerment coach who focuses on crystal healing. . “This is where we can incorporate crystals for money which can help.” This could mean using crystals to help eliminate debt, provide capital to cover a down payment on your dream home, or correct impulsive spending habits.

“I see crystals as little friends who want to lend us their energy,” says spiritual teacher and intuitive healer Nikki Novo. “If I was low in vitamin D, I would take a supplement. And if I lack self-esteem, I can find a crystal that can lend me that energy. Likewise, silver crystals are believed to give you the power to deal with issues that are holding you back financially. Each of these silver crystals – whether they are empowering or protective – bring important finance-focused energy.

Read on to see which of these five crystals is the right choice for your financial goals.

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Emerald-hued malachite shares the color of silver, but the connection runs much deeper. Malachite is a stone of transformation. “It can help release any fear and doubt we have about ourselves and about money,” says Rivera Avalos. Think of malachite as an energy magnet, bringing good fortune with you and leaving money worries behind.

How to use it: Since malachite is associated with the heart and throat chakras, wear a malachite necklace to feel its positive and protective energies throughout the day. Alternatively, meditate with a piece of malachite over your heart. Ask yourself, “What does my heart want? and “How can I adjust my relationship with money to help me achieve my goals?”


Amethyst is valued for its protective qualities, including protecting us from ourselves when it comes to money. (No more late-night online shopping sprees, if amethyst has anything to do with it.) “It can help us stop overspending and be intentional when we spend,” Novo says. Amethyst also cuts through stress, bringing clarity in its wake. If you’ve been too wrapped up in money worries to ask your boss for that well-deserved pay raise, Amethyst can help you focus on a game plan give me a raise together.

How to use it: When you feel exhausted from money troubles, hold an amethyst stone between your index finger and your thumb, gently moving your thumb back and forth across its smooth surface. Once the amethyst has calmed your nervous system, you will be able to see the next steps clearly.

green jade

There is nothing new about turning to green jade to attract money. Chinese cultures have tapped into the energy of stone to attract wealth for centuries. “It is a stone of abundance, good fortune and wealth,” says Rivera Avalos. “It also encourages you to pursue what you want and gets rid of any limiting beliefs we carry within us.” Think of green jade as a cool, calm, collected crystal. It will clarify your long-term vision, help you make choices that will add to your wealth, and prevent you from making rash financial decisions.

How to use it: Keep a green jade stone on your nightstand or slip one under your pillow. The gentle vibrations of green jade can be hard to feel during the chaos of the day, so take advantage of its calming properties at night. You will wake up with a clearer vision of what you want and how to achieve it.


It’s easy to see why pyrite’s nickname is “fool’s gold.” You’ll feel far from stupid once you’ve tapped into the good fortune that pyrite channels. It also builds empowerment and courage – just what you need to overcome your financial fears. “Pyrite supports your inner warrior,” says Rivera Avalos, “and paves the way for greater opportunities in life spiritually, financially, and emotionally.” Consider quitting your dead-end job, starting your own business, or investing in something you believe in.

How to use it: Incorporate pyrite into your daily business life to attract more prosperity. Say you’re working towards a specific goal, like a certain number of sales by the end of the year. Write it down on a small piece of paper, place it on your desk face up, then anchor it with a pyrite stone.


Before we can welcome wealth into our lives, we often have to settle old debts and first confront self-sabotaging money habits. That’s where iolite comes in. “Iolite’s powers lie in money management,” says Novo. Whether you need to tackle your credit card bill or commit to managing your budget more tightly, iolite will lend you the energy to help you make practical and mature financial decisions.

How to use it: Keep an iolite in your purse or wallet. Every time you reach for your credit card, the presence and energy of iolite will remind you to ask yourself, “Does this purchase support my long-term goals?” »