A mature webcam model says she earns up to £2,000 a week – and her biggest fans are younger men. Former beautician Suzy Ashby, 50, started filming videos during lockdown to earn some extra cash.

But she quickly realized there was a huge demand for her talents when requests started coming in from her clients for custom clips. As her business grew, she expanded her offerings to include steamy Zoom parties for socially distant bachelor parties.

Now she says she regularly earns £1,000-2,000 a week – and has been blown away by the number of men in their early 20s who value her services. Suzy said: “All of my clients were men and I was really surprised at how many young men showed up.

“I’ve been amazed by the demand for sexy older women – there’s a lot of requests for hot stepmother, hot aunt and office manager content.”

Suzy says the experience has been empowering and she’s even been asked out on dates by men in their 30s who like her confidence. Her most popular requests include stepmom, sexy aunt, and naughty nurse fantasies.

And she credits her good imagination for her ability to get her clients hot under the collar. Suzy said: “I was obviously always very aware that there was sex work out there. I tried BDSM in my twenties.

“However, when the pandemic started, I saw many job opportunities online and in March 2020, I started selling videos online on some of the established platforms. I quickly realized that I wanted to create my own website and from there www.classygrams.com was born.

“When you work in BDSM or fetish, you have to have a good imagination to be able to turn them on. I trained in acting and screenwriting and even did theater – for me, it’s is like stepping into character and comes quite naturally to me.

“A few clients in their thirties have asked me out, but in my personal life, I’m looking for a partner in my age bracket.”

Suzy says her business has done so well that in the future she would like to expand her business and hire other women interested in a more flexible way of working. She sees it as empowering women and wants to help other women who might be short on money or need a way to earn money while their children are in school.

And, as a budding author, she would even consider publishing a book about some of her more unusual fetish, webcam, and BDSM experiences. Suzy added that her friends and family have been supportive of her new career and she even discusses her business decisions with her sister.

She said: “I consulted with my sister on how I would take my business to the next level and she encouraged me to stick to a premium price point. I feel so empowered by that and I just been blown away by how many young men want to be with older women.”