After landing at the hospital behind his pot of farts business “90 Day Fiancé” Star, Stephanie Matto is now ready to sell popular jars like NFT.

Just days ago, Matto made headlines after being rushed to hospital with severe gastrointestinal issues from her fart business. She said she had been drinking three protein shakes and several bowls of black bean soup to meet the demand for farts when she began to experience severe chest pain. Doctors diagnosed her with extreme gas and told her that she was hurting her body.

Last year the 31 years decided to add farts to him in a jar Subscription platform for adults aged 18 and over. She said the customers would ask her to encapsulate her gas in mason jars and send it to them. At first she thought it was a joke. However, after doing a test batch of 97 jars for $ 500 per pop, it quickly sold out. Reality TV star says she raked $ 200,000 sell the jars. Unfortunately, when her health took a hit, she was forced to restructure her business model, which brought her into the world of NFT. She teamed up with a digital artist, and together they launched “Fart Jars NFT” to Wednesday.

“We teamed up and made some jars with some really cute animations,” Matto said in an interview with Insider. “And we’ve made them super personalized and personal, and some even come with unlockable traits.” Signed Underwear and Rare Physical Fart Jars are among the tradable items included with some of the NFTs.

Fans looking to get their hands on one of Matto’s unique NFTs will have to fork out 0.05 Ethereum ($ 186).