Rachel has worked with Sprout Social on the social team for six and a half years and has been in his current role as Senior Manager for two years. Having worked in social for a total of 11 years and being a fan of jumping, the decision to join the Sprout Social team was a very natural and meta decision.

From engagement, to publishing and analysis, to being involved in advocacy, Rachael has multiple responsibilities in her current role, where she has continued to use the Sprout Social tool to manage social media and teams.

Originally from California, but having lived in Chicago for five years before moving to Portland, ME in March, Rachel is a Certified Nomad.

Rachael chatted with Talking Influence to let us know what a typical day in her life looks like.

8:00 a.m. Every morning I wake up according to my internal alarm clock – usually between eight and nine in the morning. Since I spend so much of my day online, the first 90 minutes of my day are phone-free, although if I’m being honest some days I check my email and my Sprout inbox on my phone while I eat my breakfast and before I officially log on, to help me mentally prepare. My partner and I are lucky enough to live within walking distance of several beaches and we often start our day with a hike to one.

10:00 Sprout encourages everyone to work in a way that suits our individual lifestyles. But I love being online when the majority of my colleagues start their day and the hustle and bustle starts. Being an hour early is a blessing in this regard.

I spend a large part of my day on the Sprout platform. I rely heavily on the daily smart inbox tool to manage our incoming social media messages, interact with clients for care or service needs, and personalize interactions with our audience. I use our top-of-the-line analytics and listening tool every day to make sure we understand what’s trending and what’s not on social media.

12:00 My team is everything to me. The best part of a day or week is to get together and brainstorm creative solutions and tackle a client’s problem or challenge. It’s an exciting and challenging part of my job. We help people who are going through the exact same thing that my team and I are struggling with.

13:00 Lunch is usually a frozen burrito. My team can attest that I often bring my lunch to my next meeting, they definitely all saw me with a frozen burrito!

14:00 At Sprout, the focus is on standards and values ​​that are truly upheld and play into the way we work. These values ​​really work to set the tone for how we approach our work, whether it’s solving tough problems and prioritizing them first or celebrating change and being able to nimble through constant change – what social media absolutely must do!

15:00 To try and avoid that afternoon slump, I jump through my action list to see what I have left to check off. I usually prioritize three or four things a day that if I don’t make progress on it will feel like I haven’t made progress in my day, so now is the time to address them! Although I’m trying to be nice to myself and plan something more creative this time around.

4:00 p.m. Although many people think it’s a fad, I have a treadmill desk that I use religiously, especially on Wednesdays which are company-wide retreats no meetings allowed. We are encouraged to find that state of focus and work on particular tasks. One of our main goals has been to expand our reach and expand our content to new audiences. I will use our Advocacy Tool to organize content for our employees to share around what helped achieve this goal.

17:00 In addition to focus days, we also have a daily focus hour where it is understood by everyone that the last hour is set aside for completing tasks rather than starting new ones. Work/life balance is an integral part of our culture and this hour helps us collectively finish on time and have an evening of rest and relaxation.

6:00 p.m. After work, I like to go out and be in nature. I turn my work phone off and if I’m on my phone it’s only for personal use on TikTok at this point!

20:00 I like to go to bed early, I can’t go to bed late, the same way I have an internal alarm clock that wakes me up, I have a switch that if it’s past 8:30/9:00, my glasses are off. turned off and I’m done for the day!

Having found the perfect work-life balance in remote work, it’s clear that Rachel’s passion for social media has only blossomed with the help and support of her trusty Sprout Social tool. .