The cast of Sunset sale had its fair share of moments that left fans stunned and shocked. Throughout the series’ four seasons, fans have watched these actors grow personally and professionally. So when the cast members make some very inappropriate comments, fans are in awe of what just unfolded on screen.

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Some comments or brief remarks that are out of the ordinary are pivotal moments for fans because it shows either that the characters are changing or that the fan needs to re-evaluate what is really going on in the series.


Emma Hernan

“She is falling.”

Emma Hernan working in the Oppenheim group office to sell Sunset

Emma is the new full time member of the group. She stays alone and is nice to everyone, even Christine, despite their bad history. When talking to Christine who lies to her about their ex-boyfriend, Emma chooses to move on and not make a scene at the party.

However, she is suddenly pushed over the edge by Christine’s constant lies. Fans were shocked to see Emma stand up and use those major fighting words that threaten to bring Christine down.

Amanza Smith

“You’re the bad guy. Even the Joker had a few friends.”

Amanza Smith Interviewed About The Sunset Sale

Amanza is a fan favorite character due to her charm and down to earth nature. She is vulnerable about her life as a single mother and she also chooses to be the tallest person in the face of conflict and avoids the biggest fights on Sunset sale at all costs.

However, she shocked fans by choosing to be too honest about Christine for Christine herself. She accuses Christine of being the group’s “bad guy”, surprising fans as Amanza generally avoids such bold comments. However, this may be because Amanza is no longer a new agent and has become more comfortable saying what needs to be said, even to Christine.

Brett Oppenheim

“Do you have Tiffany’s presents for them? I’ll remember them for my birthday.”

Brett Oppenheim on the Sunset Sale

Brett is generally calm and busy, which differs from his more sociable brother Jason. Fans rarely hear about Brett or his true feelings, leaving many fans to think of him as a simple guy.

However, at Jason and Emma’s birthday party for their dogs, Brett’s dry sense of humor was revealed and left fans shocked to see this fun side of Brett. Fans could certainly see how much more Jason and Brett resemble each other with that side of Brett that isn’t usually shown on camera.

Romain Bonnet

“If Mary pays for everything, even if we put our two names, it’s no good to me.”

Romain’s personality is the dream of many fans because he supports Mary enormously in her professional and social life. He also has great instincts like knowing when Mary needs a girls night out.

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However, fans were shocked at his patriarchal ego. He felt uncomfortable that Mary was using her money for their business despite both their names being involved. This remark seemed irrelevant to Romain as he did not appear to be intimidated or offended by Mary and her earnings.

Jason oppenheim

“Alright, guys, so I wrote a poem for Niko and a poem for Zelda.”

Jason is most involved with real estate agents, coaching and teaching them. He’s also the one who has the difficult conversations with the agents, like telling Davina to come back to the office or Christine to stop the drama at work.

Fans were surprised to see Jason not only throwing a party for his dogs with Mary, but also deciding to write and perform a poem. It seemed out of the blue but shows its soft and secretive side.

Chrishell Stause

“Unless you have some kind of healing guru that’s going to sit him down and do an exorcism, I don’t see how that’s going to change.”

Interview of Chrishell on season 4 of Selling Sunset

Chrishell is regarded for her poise and grace. She defends herself in a timeless way that doesn’t trigger drama. But in season 4, Sunset sale reactions from fans on places like Reddit showed they were stunned to see her become more open and direct, especially when talking about Christine.

When Vanessa suggests another resource for Christine to heal and change, Chrishell is not her positive or hopeful self. On the contrary, she gets straight to the point, expressing her animosity and her lack of faith in Christine.

Tarek El Moussa

“You can’t shit on people and expect to get something from them.”

Tarek El Moussa and Heather Young on a yacht during Sunset Sale Season 4

Tarek is introduced as the happy and fun partner of the party. He invites the agents on his yacht and even wants to have a drink with Heather’s friends. He generally seems pretty laid back and lets Heather have his spotlight.

But when Heather and Christine have a fight, Tarek breaks his habit and starts giving Heather some helpful advice. He calms her down and points out that Christine shouldn’t have emotional control over her, which is unlike the party Tarek fans are used to seeing.

Marie fitzgerald

“I know the person you were and hopefully still deep inside me, and I want her to come back.”

Marie is emotional about Sunset sale, but that’s because she wears her heart on her sleeve. To avoid confrontation, she sets boundaries and chooses to cut people off without causing drama. However, in Season 4, Mary decides to confront Christine about her lies and mentions all the pain Christine has caused her.

In fact, throughout Season 4, Mary discusses her feelings about Christine. Fans have been picked up by Mary admitting that she wanted the old Christine back, meaning it’s possible Mary will give their friendship another chance.

Davina potratz

“I’m so sorry that I hurt your feelings, really.”

Davina has a difficult relationship with agents and even Jason and Brett. She usually refuses to admit her mistakes in her professional life, such as bad real estate ads and undercutting other agents.

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However, fans were shocked to see her return to the show with not only a new wardrobe, but an apology for Chrishell as well. It seemed strange that Davina would apologize because she was never responsible for everything she did.

Maya vander

“She’s really, really sweet.”

Maya Vander on the Sunset Sale

Maya is the most neutral agent in the office, getting along with everyone. Most of the time, she is impartial and chooses not to cause problems for anyone.

But when discussing Davina with Emma, ​​Maya chooses to favor Davina over presenting both positive and negative opinions of Davina to Emma. Maya’s favoritism was out of character for a person who generally refuses to take sides.

Vanessa Villela

“I don’t think she’s mad. She only said she was hurt.”

Vanessa is the office peacemaker, trying to mend the relationship between Christine and the rest of the agents. Her commitment to wanting tranquility and less drama on this Netflix reality show was refreshing

So, it was a major shock to the fans to see Vanessa become aggressive towards Emma. Vanessa’s hostility may have been due to Christine’s opinion of Emma, ​​but Vanessa’s anger was unexpected, as she appears to be a person who wants peace.

Heather Rae El Moussa

“I hate her so much right now.”

Heather Young interviewed about the Sunset Season 4 sale

Heather is generally low-key and stays alone. When there is an argument or an ongoing problem, she walks away unless she knows it needs to be discussed. It’s rare for Heather to be candid about her feelings, especially about other officers in the office.

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When Heather and Chrishell were together for coffee, fans were surprised to see Heather use the word “hate” and cry. She puts energy into her personal life and her revelation of the impact work has had on her has been touching for fans.

Christine quinn

“I want to change my relationships with other agents in the future.”

Christine doesn’t care about anyone unless it benefits her. It’s rare that she looks at herself in the mirror and wants to change anything about herself, so it was a shock to fans to hear her goal of changing and becoming a whole new person.

While fans may see Christine transforming into a new person as impossible, it’s shocking for her to even admit that she wants to change, even though she hasn’t figured out how or what to do.

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