KARACHI: The manager of a private bank branch was shot dead by unknown assailants as he walked out of his office in block I in northern Nazimabad on Thursday afternoon, according to police and emergency services.

They said the manager, Maqbali Khan, was shot dead at the Khadija market.

West Zone DIG Nasir Aftab said the victim was the branch manager of Faisal Bank.

Another officer, Central SSP Maroof Usman, said the victim was apparently smoking or smoking at the branch door as an armed branch security guard also stood nearby. The assailant first “terrified” the guard by pointing a gun at him. The guard rushed into the branch to save himself, after which the assailant turned to Muqbali Khan, who also tried to get to safety. However, the attacker fired several shots at the victim from behind.

Khan suffered four gunshot wounds and was taken to Abbasi Shaheed Hospital, where doctors pronounced him dead.

SSP Usman said the only suspect was carrying a gun in a shopping bag when he approached the branch. He fled the scene after committing the crime, the officer added.

“The murder appears to be the result of a personal enmity,” the SSP said.

DIG Aftab ruled out the possibility of intentional theft as the suspect’s motive.

He said the victim was from the Mohmand Agency; her son went to the hospital after the incident. Police investigators had obtained the CCTV footage of the crime scene episode which had been shown to him. “The victim’s son recognized the assailant and informed police that his family had an old feud with the assailant and his associates in their hometown.

Further investigation was underway, police said.

Posted in Dawn, August 26, 2022