LONDON, UK / ACCESSWIRE / March 26, 2022 / Author, poet, speaker and content creator Ruby Dhal is pleased to announce that she is writing her very first self-help book. Ruby Dhal is an Anglo-Afghan Sikh speaker, performer and best-selling author of five books with over 500,000 online readers. Dhal writes about love, grief, moving on, letting go, healing, mental health, and more. She has written five poetry, prose and self-help books, and is currently working on her sixth, her first self-help book.

Dhal’s writings and books are a major component and product of his unique journey. Her work is heavily influenced by her life experiences and is a representation of her personal healing process. Dhal moved to the UK with her parents and older brother when she was three years old, and she lost her mother within a year. Her father did his best to take care of Dhal and her brother as she grew up. Due to her experiences, Dhal turned to books for refuge from her predicament, and she soon discovered a passion for reading and writing. As a result, she has wanted to write stories to read since she was a little girl.

Dhal’s previous books include international bestsellers Between us and Dear me, in which the author offers a “little mutual aid”. Dhal will delve deeper into the self-help genre with the announcement of her highly anticipated sixth book, sharing not only her story, but also simple strategies for personal growth.

Today, Dhal shares raw and honest thoughts online with readers around the world, often reflecting on her personal experiences, in the hope that these words can help individuals on their healing journey. She goes one step further by providing easy-to-digest YouTube videos on comparable issues, as well as a monthly blog and email where she can dive deep with her readers to really address the tough decisions in their lives. Additionally, over the past five years, Dhal has built a safe space, an online community where people feel like they are part of something. A community where, if its readers feel lonely, they can turn to this safe environment for the help and comfort they need. Although Dhal’s influence started small with her Instagram page, which she created out of a personal desire to recover and better cope with traumatic events, it quickly grew into a forum for others to heal and better cope with theirs.

Dhal’s goal is to reach those who are going through difficult times but do not find intense self-help or self-improvement books helpful in understanding their feelings. She believes that by creating content, publishing it and sharing it online, she will be able to provide her audience with accessible, practical and self-help content on some difficult issues. Dhal provides readers with insightful thoughts and actionable steps to take through her books, poems, and new website. His next self-help book will be the author’s first of its kind, and it is eagerly awaited.

About Ruby Dal: Ruby Dhal is an Anglo-Afghan Sikh speaker, performer and best-selling author of five books with over 500,000 online readers. Dhal has written and developed video content on a variety of topics such as love, grief, healing, moving on, letting go, mental health, bereavement, self-love, etc. . Her moving writing is a mirror of her personal experiences, and she struck a chord with her readers and followers. She launched a website and is currently working on her sixth book, a highly anticipated self-help book.

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