Real Housewives of New York alum Bethenny Frankel has reportedly sold her SoHo loft and will split her time between the Hamptons and Connecticut.

The Real Housewives of New York The former Bethenny Frankel has reportedly sold her residence in New York and has no plans to continue living in the city. The reality TV star and businesswoman has previously appeared on the real housewives seasons 1–3, and then seasons 7–11. Since leaving the series, Bethenny has raised funds for Ukraine and focused her energy on her business endeavors and humanitarian efforts.

Bethenny was a polarizing figure during her run on real housewives and often clashed with his castmates much to the delight of his fans. Always outspoken and edgy, Bethenny’s interactions with the other women on the show led to many memorable moments and she coined many catchphrases, including “Drop my jock”, “Go to sleep” and “Life is not a cabaret”. Bethenny ultimately decided to leave the show to focus on her businesses and brand, including her podcast, liquor brand, and side business selling real estate. She has since added humanitarian work to her resume, with the creation of her BStrong Foundation, which provides relief to people in emergency and crisis situations. Bethenny has long been embroiled in a custody battle with ex-husband Jason Hoppy over their daughter Bryn.


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Recently, the reality TV star reportedly sold her SoHo loft and no longer has a residence in New York. At Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Andy dubbed Bethenny “Jackhole of the Day”, for leaving New York. Andy explained, “She’s leaving New York. Her SoHo apartment has reportedly been sold, she plans to split her time between the Hamptons and Connecticut.” Andy then praised Bethenny for her efforts to raise funds for emergency aid to the people of Ukraine, saying: “I’m so proud to see Bethenny step up and give time to people in need again. By the way, Bethenny could spend her days flipping houses south of the freeway, but she’s helping people instead.”

Bethenny Frankel looks confused at RHONY reunion

Bethenny started BStrong in 2016, and since its inception, the foundation has provided much-needed supplies and relief during the Bronx apartment building fire, Kentucky tornadoes, Haiti earthquake, and most recently, in Ukraine. In her personal life, Bethenny is engaged to Paul Bernon, a businessman and film producer. The CEO was first spotted sporting a large diamond while vacationing in Florida in 2021, leading fans to speculate about an engagement. Since then, she has shared many photos of her and her fiancé on social networks.

Although she plans to leave town, Bethenny rep Jill Fritzo has hinted that she will continue to have a presence on the urban scene. Bethenny is certainly strongly associated with the city after her run on the The Real Housewives of New York and is known to be a tough, real, outspoken, and ambitious city girl. Fans of the show won’t be able to watch it anymore, as Bethenny won’t be returning as the housewife anytime soon. Still, the Skinnygirl founder is always on the move, and fans are curious to see what she’s up to next.

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