Last summer, I admitted not so proudly that it was Buck Mason’s cabin suit that convinced me I needed to get dressed more often…and, for starters, for the first time in a long time. It’s not that I’ve been a slob in itself, and personal style is, well, personal style — even if your personal style is sweatpants and a stained t-shirt. (It works for some people.) I just got used to my paint-splattered shorts and faded black hoodie.

The suit, made from 5.5 ounce cotton twill infused with 3% spandex, flexes when you do and feels more like a lightweight matching set than a standard suit. There’s less structure, sure, but that’s okay, especially in today’s style climate. Relaxed cuts and casual suits are all the rage – just look at Chris Evans’ adventurous sky blue suit. That’s why Buck Mason’s cabin costume works. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the upkeep of normal evening wear. It’s wrinkle-resistant, which means you can pack it or take it on the plane and it’s stain resistant.

The added spandex also makes the suit easy to wear while commuting or working standing up. The knees give way while you ride the bike; shoulders give way when lifting something; the waist and seat flex when you squat; moreover, the elbows bend without settling.

The suit is particularly suave in this dark navy corduroy.


That’s even true for the brand’s latest iteration of its popular Carry-On Suit, a navy drawstring version. It is an identical and more complete adjustment; it can withstand a passage in your suitcase; and it is machine washable. The wired iteration is heavier though – 9 ounces compared to the original’s 5.5. That makes it good for fall, which is fine here – hence its arrival.

Jacket and pants are sold separately, so be careful when putting one (or the other) in your cart – you need both. But don’t consider them just as a set. They are separated. The jacket goes well with jeans and the pants go well with a nice knit.

Buck Mason High-Ridge Cord Bagging Suit

Buck Mason

High Crest Drawstring Cabin Jacket

Buck Mason

Ford standard trousers with high edges and cab drawstring

Buck Mason