Oliver Marmol helped develop a coaching app that brings the biggest names in baseball – including Albert Pujols – directly to young athletes.

ST. LOUIS — Cardinals manager Oliver Marmol is a busy guy. Not only does the chef lead his team to an NL Central title in his first year at the helm, but he’s helping create a cutting-edge app to help teach the next generation of athletes.

The application, called Versus, connects young athletes with some of the biggest names in baseball and softball and personally answers their questions about becoming great. It’s a project that has fascinated the Marmol family for some time now.

“That was years ago, probably nine years in the works now,” Marmol said. “What we really wanted to do was provide access to the next generation of aspiring athletes to be able to learn from some of the greatest minds in the world.”

And this app is unlike anything else. With legendary athletes such as Albert Pujols, Adam Wainwright and Ozzie Smith sitting down to answer hundreds of high-profile questions, there’s almost nothing an athlete can ask that doesn’t have an answer for everyone. ‘to accompany.

“These athletes (teach) not only how to learn skills, but also the mental component and the emotional IQ component of how to deal with adversity and failure and all the things that you encounter when trying to succeed at the highest level for a long time,” Marmol said.

What differentiates Versus from other sports coaching apps is the concept of “conversational” artificial intelligence, Marmol said.

“The app actually allows you to click on it and have a conversation with the athlete as if they were there,” he said.

While baseball is, of course, the Marmols’ primary passion, entrepreneurship is not far behind.

“My wife and I, for a long time, have always loved business,” he said. “It’s our hobby. We dive deep into it. We’ve made a lot of relationships in the business world outside of baseball that have actually allowed me to now take into account the direction of people and have a influence on them. So it’s something that we’re super passionate about.”

This parallel company also has a special mission. For every subscription to Versus, a portion will be donated to causes that need help.

“The charity component started with a trip we took to Guatemala, and it changed lives about how we would spend our finances and how we would go about life,” Marmol said. “We went back to the States and wanted to find a way to build something lasting that could give back.”

Marmol said 10% of every dollar earned will go to underserved organizations, especially young people.

“What we’re doing right now is people have come in and sponsored subscriptions to give access to our app to kids who otherwise couldn’t afford it, and what we’re doing with it. the other side is matching up those subscriptions and distributing them to different organizations,” he said. buy it access to some of the greatest minds in the world.”

You can learn more about Versus in by visiting its website.

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