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This year, as part of CDGI had the chance to take a look at Cat cafe manager from Perch games. I was shown the first thirty minutes of the gold version of the game to get an idea of ​​what players can expect as they begin their journey.

The story begins with the player’s custom character arriving in a small town that loves little more than a good pun. The player traveled there after inheriting land from his grandmother, who once ran the city’s most popular hangout: a cat cafe. So what to do with this land other than create your own cat cafe?

Upon arriving, a strange older fisherman is inexplicably on the ground. It leads the player through a brief tutorial on building the first incarnation of their cafe from a small selection of dilapidated starter walls, floors, and a box of furniture. There isn’t much, but it’s enough to serve three diners at once and literally sell them glasses of tap water.

This is when the player can also choose an achievement and their first cat from three options each. Each of the feats makes the player more proficient at a task, be it cooking, serving food, or cleaning. Each cat also has its own distinctive traits. They look unique, have a favorite customer type, and have a special trait, like going to the bathroom less often or adding food to the bowl for other cats every time they eat.

That said, your little cat cafe is ready for business. Once your doors open, you will begin to receive your first customers. When everyone comes, they will sit for a while, then you have to take their order, prepare it, and then serve it to them. This is the time management part of the game, and it gets especially tricky as you unlock more recipes. With over 30 unique drink and food recipes to unlock, each with their own stages, ingredients, and equipment to craft, it’s a good thing you can hire employees for extra help with each task.

As the days pass, you will also receive upgrade points to spend on your character and employees. Spending these points will allow them to move faster and provide better service and food to ensure customers leave satisfied.

Cat Cafe Manager Preview 2

After you open up, you can also put food in a dish to attract stray cats that you may eventually adopt for your coffee. Once the food is in the bowl, you’ll occasionally attract three stray animals that you can pet to get closer. Once you have established a close enough bond, you can adopt them and move them into your café.

Over time, you’ll attract new regular customers who each represent one of the game’s customer types and have a personal story that you can uncover as you interact with them. There are goths, wanderers, fishermen, etc. Each type of customer prefers different decorations and drinks while paying in a single currency. Each of these currencies can then be spent at various shops in town. The fish is used for cat supplies, fabric for furniture, etc. So, if you are looking to buy a specific type of item, you can modify your cafe advertising to appeal to particular types of customers to earn that currency.

Cats also have different favorite clients that they will interact with more frequently. This means that you will need to gather a mixed herd of cats to ensure that each type of customer has enough cat interactions to walk away happy.

As you play, you’ll also be able to keep upgrading and expanding your cafe until it becomes exponentially bigger than when you started. Customizing your café with various decorations and furniture is fun, and there are plenty of options to suit your tastes. Watching your cat cafe grow from a tiny shack to a sprawling super cafe is hugely satisfying, especially with how you gradually grow it over time.

Cat cafe manager manages to strike a delicate balance between resource management, time management and pure relaxing vibes. Personally, I can’t wait to jump into the game when it launches and build myself a cat cafe that I can put my own spin on and be proud of as I get to know the townspeople and live my dream. inside of being a crazy cat lady but in a socially acceptable way.

Cat cafe manager out April 14 for PC and Switch.