Netflix’s Selling Sunset star Chrishell Stause shared a positive Instagram update with fans, “ringing in the New Year” from the Oppenheim group.

Chrishell Stause, a real estate agent featured on Netflix Sunset sale, shared a hopeful Instagram update with the arrival of the New Year. After coming through a divorce, a sudden break up with Jason Oppenheim, and a dramatic year with the Oppenheim group, Chrishell has had her fair share of grief and turmoil in 2020. Resilient and focused on friendships, new and old, the beloved Sunset sale The star is moving forward with the confidence to lead the Netflix series, as well as to regain control of her own life and future.

While Chrishell was once one of the office’s debutants, she quickly rose to the top of the Oppenheim group. working on personal care at the end of the year, Chrishell has become a beacon of empowerment, both on and off the small screen. Despite recent disagreements with her ex, Justin Hartley, Chrishell continues to focus on the positive changes over the past year, moving to Sunset sale season 5 and the joys of being single.


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Posted on Chrishell’s Instagram, the reality TV star shared a positive update on the New Year. In the photo smiling and ringing Oppenheim’s iconic bell, Chrishell teases office success and celebrates new debuts in 2022. “a wishbone, a backbone and a funnybone,” Chrishell seems both self-motivated and light-hearted when it comes to her goals for the New Year. Including a quote from country singer Reba McEntire, Chrishell came out of the sadness of her divorce and recent breakup and has “manifested” endless possibilities for herself and her colleagues in the Oppenheim Group.

In light of her conflict with Christine Quinn and her differences with Jason over having children, Chrishell has become an inspiration to those who are afraid to face their fears and hesitate to make big changes in the future. during the coming year. Encourage subscribers to hang in there this year, despite setbacks, whether personal or related to COVID-19. Brilliant and seemingly ready to prove her strength and enhanced real estate skills, Chrishell no longer plays the quaint, polite girl she once was in the early seasons of Sunset sale, quite daring and energetic as she recovers her sense of self and her voice.

With contagious joy, Chrishell’s “ring in the new year” not only generates enthusiasm for 2022, but also for Sunset sale season 5. With the expanding real estate world on Netflix with the new series Sell ​​Tampa, fans will enjoy a lot of exciting content regarding the housing market. With a role seemingly bigger than ever, Chrishell continues to lead the office towards success and healing, promoting unity and community as the series continues. While characterized by his toxicity, Chirshell can be thanked for giving the series a gradual transformation, embracing the chaos and drama of the office, while also emphasizing kindness and hope for the Oppenheim group.

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