• Chrishell Stause says she debated quitting ‘Selling Sunset’ after her divorce from Justin Hartley.
  • The real estate agent discovers that her husband has filed for divorce during the show’s third season.
  • In her memoir, she says the producers convinced her they weren’t interested in exploiting her.

Chrishell Stause considered quitting “Selling Sunset” following her 2019 divorce from Justin Hartley, she wrote in her forthcoming memoir, “Under Construction: Because Living My Best Life Took a Little Work.”

In the third season of


reality show, the real estate agent receives a text from the “This Is Us” actor, her husband of two years at the time, informing her that he has filed for divorce.

“While there were clearly signs that things were far from perfect, to end things in such a finished fashion, without talking about it, was a complete shock,” she wrote in an excerpt from her book. that E! News released Wednesday.

Since the start of the third season on the


platform in August 2020, Stause says she answered many questions about why she stayed on the show.

And at times, she “considered quitting,” she wrote.

“I had put so much of my identity into that relationship that I didn’t know who I was without her,” Stause says, continuing, “It took a bit of persuasion from the producers to make sure I knew that the show was not looking to exploit my pain, but rather allowing me to share my story on my own terms.”

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Chrishell Stause worked as a soap opera actress before getting her real estate license.

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Because so much in her life had changed so quickly – from losing her father to lung cancer in April 2019 to his divorce in November 2019 – she decided to keep her job with the Oppenheim Group and move on. to appear on the show.

“I had just lost my dad that year, and now I was losing my husband and my best friend, my teenage daughter-in-law who I don’t see anymore but who still has a huge piece of my heart, and a lot of friends who were his friends before we met. I finally decided that I couldn’t lose my job too,” she said.

Stause writes that she still doesn’t understand why Hartley didn’t privately separate from her and waited to file for divorce the following month while filming “Selling Sunset.” But, she adds, “what’s done is done”.

After filming the third season, Stause says she took several months to focus on self-reflection and therapy. In doing so, she says she came to understand that “coming of age is about realizing there are two people in a relationship and owning up to her part in what went wrong.” There is no advantage, she writes, in “being the victim and remaining bitter”.

Hartley did not respond directly to the Netflix show’s portrayal of the divorce. However, while discussing online gossip and clickbait in an October 2022 episode of SiriusXM’s “Radio Andy,” he said, “You really can’t believe something because you read it.”

“I’ve also kind of always had this opinion that … I’ll have a public life, but I’ll be very private in my personal affairs,” he said.

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Stause then dated “Dancing With the Stars” professional Keo Motsepe before entering into a relationship with “Selling Sunset” costar Jason Oppenheim. However, they broke up in December 2021.

As for Hartley, the actor married his third wife Sofia Pernas in May 2021. Prior to his relationship with Stause, he was married to Lindsay Hartley and shares a 17-year-old daughter named Isabella with the actress.

Stause’s memoir, “Under Construction: Because Living My Best Life Take a Little Work,” will be released on Tuesday, February 8.