Chrishell Stause has been a news magnet ever since entering the mainstream on Netflix’s Sell Sunset. Of course, news of her personal life caused a lot of commotion, including among her Selling Sunset co-stars. But nothing compares to the drama she finds herself in on the reality show itself. This includes her connection to Brett Oppenheim and Tina Louise’s breakup.

Such is the life of a reality TV star.

But in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Chrishell admitted she initially didn’t understand the direction of the show she joined. While she was all about the luxury real estate side of Selling Sunset, all the drama and infighting took her by surprise. Here’s what she had to say…


Chrishell Stause was ‘naive’ to sell sunset drama

Chrishell Stause has admitted not wanting to be on Selling Sunset forever. She’s happy for now, but that’s not a long-term goal for her. Perhaps this revelation is due to the amount of drama she found herself in on the reality show.

According to her interview with The Hollywood Reporter, this aspect of the show wasn’t something she thought she was signing up for.

“I was very naive at first. I really thought we were doing a show based on real estate,” Chrishell admitted. “I didn’t think there could be anything wrong because I thought that even though I look bad in real estate, it’s definitely a new adventure for me, so I’m going having to learn as you go and I’m not always going to get it right, so that’s fine.”

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Chrishell went on to say that she was unaware of the “personality” or “work dynamic” that would come into play on the show.

“That’s what the show was really going to evolve into. It was like a baptism by fire.”

Even still, Chrishell is happy that she was able to walk through the learning curve that was thrown at her.

“Having come through the other end, I’m grateful for this opportunity,” Chrishell told The Hollywood Reporter. “So many amazing things have happened through this experience, and obviously it’s great for business, and it’s something that’s always been really important to me: to be able to build a business that I’m proud of, that I I will have no matter if the series is a success or not.”

Chrishell Stause’s Biggest Problem About Selling Sunset

It’s no surprise that Chrishell’s personal relationship with top dog Jason Oppenheim is what she believes to be/is the hardest part of being on Selling Sunset.

“My personal relationship with Jason. Obviously it’s not the easiest speed bump. You have the dynamic of everyone in the office, and he’s in charge,” Chrishell said in his interview with The Hollywood Reporter. .

“We’re breaking up and working through that, which is really hard to find the balance between wanting to be true to what’s really going on. It’s really hard to share such intimate things sometimes,” she continued. .

How Chrishell Stause Handles Selling Sunset Reviews

In his interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Chrishell Stause said being on Selling Sunset is “unlike any other job in the world”. And most of that is due to the amount of personal drama the actors have to go through for entertainment. This is something that can take Chrishell months to recover from.

“It comes with extremely high ups and downs,” Chrishell admitted. “It’s so exciting to be able to share that with people, but there’s the flip side. There’s something that you feel like you’ve been able to get stronger and move on, but then you have to. relive it, share it and hear people’s reviews of it. Just take the good with the bad.

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Chrishell admitted that being on a show like Selling Sunset isn’t for everyone.

“You really learn to sink or swim. Luckily I learned to swim. Sharing your life as we do it, trying to get into it understanding that even in the hard times it’s going to suck having to go through that again . “

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In the end, Chrishell learned to keep everything in perspective. She knows there’s a lot to appreciate about the attention Selling Sunset brings her. But she also knows that letting him dictate her life too much is problematic.

“Enjoy all things, but don’t let yourself be changed,” she said during her interview with The Hollywood Reporter. “You can change for the good by not letting stupid little criticisms or comments disrupt your day. When it comes to what’s important in life, you can’t let it all go to your head or you’re going to be screwed. . “