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This profile is part of Queerty’s 2022 Out For Good series, recognizing public figures who have had the courage to come out and make a difference over the past year, during a month-long celebration of National Coming Out Day on October 11.

Last name: Terrina “Chrishell” Stause, 41

Organic : sell sunsetChrishell Stause was born to be a reality TV star. According to legend, Stause’s mother delivered her at a Shell gas station in a small Kentucky town with the help of an attendant named Chris, devising her middle name as a tribute to the special circumstances (Chris + Shell…get it?) .

But is it really true? In his memoirs In constructionStause dismisses the story as gossip – even though she first told the story on sell sunset!

The bottom line is this: Stause is the type of personality who knows how to capture our attention, just like she did for five seasons (and counting) on ​​Netflix’s hit reality show. The series centers on The Oppenheim Group, an upscale Los Angeles real estate company, and the intertwined personal and professional lives of its employees.

As one of the most valuable and charismatic brokers in the business, Stause became an instant breakthrough when sell sunset debuted in 2019 and was recently named “Top Reality Star” at the 2022 MTV Movie and TV Awards.

Before ascending to reality TV royalty, Stause was a prolific daytime soap opera actress, first appearing on ABC. All my children in 2005 and remaining a series regular until its cancellation in 2011. Her other credits over the next decade included days of our lives and The young and the restlessand it was during this time that she met and married actor Justin Hartley (It’s us).

After the couple’s high-profile divorce was finalized in 2021, Stause was later linked to her sell sunset co-star (and boss) Jason Oppenheim. But as the arc of their work relationship unfolded during the show’s fifth season, rumors swirled in real time that Stause had a new romantic partner, which took fans by surprise: the musician no. binary G Flip.

Go out: After a few months of loving Instagram comments and tabloid speculation, Stause confirmed her relationship with G Flip on—where else?—sell sunsetSeason 5 Reunion, which dropped on Netflix earlier this year.

During the special episode, host Tan France (weird eye) asked Stause if she was seeing “someone special,” to which the star proudly replied, “I recently spent a lot of time with someone who is very important to me. Their name is G Flip They’re not binary, so they go through them, and he’s an extremely talented musician.

Ultimately, the pair became close when Stause appeared in G Flip’s music video for the song “Get Me Outta Here,” and have stayed in touch ever since.

Feeling that his connection to G Flip would inspire a lot of speculation, Stause took the sell sunset the reunion stage as an opportunity to speak the truth: “You can’t choose when you enter someone’s life.

Although she’s avoided labeling her sexuality specifically, Stause was candid about what she’s looking for in a partner: “It’s about the person. This is their heart,” she continues. “And yes, there’s that part of you – it’s like what attracts you, but for me, I’m drawn to male energy and I don’t really care about fitness.”

Speak the conversation, walk the walk: While it might be tempting to dismiss Stause and G Flip’s relationship as a “show,” one that’s sure to make headlines. and storylines – the reality star has been a strong supporter of the LGBTQ community in a way that shows she’s genuine and using her platform for good.

A few days after the sell sunset meeting aired, Stause posted a thoughtful Instagram video, providing additional context for the relationship and explaining how his time with G Flip opened up his world to new possibilities. She used the video as a chance to educate her 3.6 million followers on what it means to be non-binary, them/them pronouns and the difference between gender and sexuality.

There is also that moment when she tweeted in favor of marriage equality, stating, “I can’t believe we’re even asking for it again in 2022.” When a troll asked if it was because Stause was “all of a sudden a lesbian,” she fired back with the perfect answer:

Media-savvy, outspoken and outgoing, Stause is the type of reality star we’re thrilled to have for our community.