Delhi’s Congress on Thursday accused the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) of municipalities of “selling” properties at ridiculous prices to builders and the land mafia anticipating defeat in the upcoming municipal elections.

Delhi Congress Unit Chairman Anil Kumar says after 15 years of corruption and mismanagement in Delhi municipalities, BJP knows it will be kicked out of MCDs so it has started selling top notch MCD properties at rock bottom prices to his buddy. builders and the land mafia.

Kumar says Delhi BJP leader Adesh Gupta seized land from MCD school to set up his party office there, and an investigation should be ordered into how he was cleared to encroach on government land for personal gain.

“It is shocking to understand that the BJP was selling the land of two MCD schools and two schools would be demolished to create parking lots. These schools were built by Congress governments to provide school education to children from poor families, but the BJP had not only failed to establish a new school during its 15-year tenure, but was now auctioning off the grounds of four schools in North Delhi. In the process, BJP leaders will earn thousands of crores in a corrupt deal,” he said.

He said the DDA had allocated land to MCDs to open schools, but the BJP was misusing the use of the land to engage in corrupt deals.

Kumar also said that the MCDs auctioned 125 community centers, 37 physical education centers and gymnasiums, 23 senior recreation centers, a Mahila Haat and a hostel for working women at ridiculous prices, for the benefit of sharks. terrestrial.

“The North Delhi Municipal Corporation budget for 2021-22 had set a target of Rs 600 crore in asset disposal but BJP advisers raised it to `935