Former winners of the Dangote Cement consumer promotion praised company management for the positive economic and social impact of the promotion on their livelihoods and well-being.

Some of the winners, who spoke about the impact of the cars and millions of naira won in previous seasons, described the promo as a great relief and a crucial stopgap that mitigated the negative impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. 19 which then stopped. the whole world.

More than 450 consumers became instant millionaires or new car prize owners, while others won hundreds of tricycles among other attractive prizes during season 1 and season 2 of the grand promotion. audience.

Some of the enthusiastic winners, who were contacted by telephone, recalled that they initially thought it was a dream until they were later presented with their various prizes in full view of the public. They said their winnings have enriched their lives and livelihoods and praised Dangote Cement’s sincerity in handing over the cars to them.

One winner, Mr. Clement James of Marble Construction, Kaduna State, who won a brand new car in the latest Dangote Cement promotion, said the prize has improved his company’s profitability.

James pointed out that the car giveaway showed Dangote’s interest in human empowerment. “The truth is that the car giveaway has made people realize that Dangote is not only interested in making a profit, but also very interested in impacting the lives of customers and consumers of its products.

“Previously, we only heard about Dangote’s contribution to empowerment and we had not experienced it personally. With the Dangote Cement promo, we could feel the impact directly. This now builds consumer confidence in the company’s products,” he added.

Another former winner, Emmanuel Boye, Managing Director of Awuley Investment Limited, Abuja, said the branded car award his company won has become a source of publicity for Dangote Cement and its products as people are more and more aware of these quality products.