Davina Potratz at the MTV Movie and TV Awards: UNSCRIPTED in Santa Monica, CA on June 2, 2022.


Know its value. Davina Potratz thinks she was not assigned to him as a cast member on sell sunset.

The conversation started when podcaster and cultural critic Ira Madison shared photos of the reality star, 41, wearing various looks on this year’s Burning Man. “Absolutely mesmerized by Davina at Burning Man,” the writer tweeted on Wednesday, September 6, to which the style writer Anya Georgijevic replied, “Where is that energy when it’s on the show?”

Potratz then quickly replied, “Ask the producers!”

While Realty didn’t expand on her thoughts on the production, she did experience some tension with those who previously worked on the series. After Season 3 aired in October 2020, Potratz revealed that she was gone. Jason Oppenheimto join a rival company, Douglas Elliman.

“We all know each other so well. So I think they will be excited and support you. It’s not that I wanted to leave, but I had a great opportunity. It was purely a business decision,” the Netflix personality said. People at the time.

She eventually returned to the Oppenheim Group and the show, meeting Jason, 45, during Season 4 to discuss her return. His co-stars, Chrishell Stause, Mary Fitzgerald and Heather Rae Young were hesitant about her joining the band, but when Potratz promised no drama, they were willing to give her another chance.

However, the luxury broker has not only been in conflict with her partners and producers, but also with the fans of the series.

“I think anyone in the public spotlight will be hated. And I think that’s just the nature of the beast. I don’t take it [personally] at all,” Potratz said. We Weekly‘s “Hot Hollywood” podcast in August 2020. “These people have never met me. They don’t know me. They don’t know all the details. They weren’t there. They don’t know exactly what s happened. So how can I take it personally?

The estate agent continued, “The other thing is instead of hating anybody why not focus on the people you love, or read a book, I don’t know, go for a run, learn tennis , do something productive that’s going to help your life instead of just hating someone you’ve never met based on a TV show. I think that’s kinda silly. Russian, all that doesn’t concern me is hating anyone. It’s kind of a sad existence to hate anyone.

The TV star added that the show was “real” but didn’t necessarily tell the whole story.

“I said these things, [but] it’s less than 10 percent of who I am. So I don’t think it’s fair for any of us to be defined by sell sunset,” she explained. “So how could I take it personal? And a lot of these people are very young, they’re like college kids. So I really can’t take it seriously.

Potratz’s comments about the “whole story” being told echo what his 41-year-old co-star Stause recently said while filming season 6 of the show.

“The craving for camera time in Season 6 is REAL. Wow. It was insane,” the former soap star wrote via Instagram Stories in August. “But also SO transparent. 15 minutes but leave my stuff out of it 🤡.

Although she didn’t name any names, there are two debutants joining the cast for the upcoming season – Nicole Young and Bre Tiesi.

“Screenshots have been archived for this exact moment. Of course you have a huge problem with me now – not before – when you have a camera crew around you,” the influencer continued. “I hate fakes 💩. If you want camera time – JUST SAY THAT. I would have helped you find the right angle. But don’t try to come for people I like or for my business when you were added and I was there to hype you up, excited for you.

Stause concluded with a note for his followers: “You guys are smart. I think you’ll see who needs attention and who’s willing to throw anyone under the bus to get those 15 minutes.