Of the. Martha Mugler (HD-91) conceded her bid for re-election after the Hampton Circuit Court announced that recount results still showed her GOP challenger winning.

HAMPTON, Va. — A Democratic delegate conceded her race after losing a recount on Wednesday.

The 91st District was the last outstanding race in the House of Delegates. Incumbent Congresswoman Martha Mugler called for a recount after trailing Republican challenger AC Cordoza by 94 votes.

Mugler conceded his bid for re-election after the Hampton Circuit Court announced the recount results still showed Cordoza winning.

In a statement, Mugler said:

“While I am disappointed with the results, I respect the court’s decision and officially withdraw from my campaign. Recounts provide an opportunity to ensure that every vote was accurately counted and to inspire confidence when margins are very tight. Fair elections only strengthen our democracy, which is why we must stick to the final decision.

“It has been an incredible journey, and I am filled with immense gratitude for those who have helped me along the way. It has been a tremendous honor to represent Hampton, Poquoson and part of York County at the Virginia House of Delegates I was Born and raised in the 91st District, and it shaped me who I am today I am proud to have given back to the community by representing District values ​​at Richmond, seeking to raise children and families by advancing education and creating jobs in the clean economy My dedication to Hampton Roads remains the same, despite today’s outcome.

“As I look forward to my next chapter – enriched by more time spent with my family and grandchildren – I thank everyone for their support during this momentous and invaluable time.”

Republicans clawed back a majority in the House of Delegates with the loss of Mugler, as well as another recount of the House race in Virginia Beach, also going in the direction of the GOP.

The 91st House District covers parts of Hampton, York County and Poquoson.