A Denton County baker has entered national food competitions for her elaborate cakes. Now, its sweets are in the spotlight for another reason.

Customers say the treats at Hive Bakery in Flower Mound speak for themselves.

Most also love what owner Haley Popp has to say.

“When I opened up Hive, I kind of promised myself that my voice was going to be hell or high tide,” Popp said.

Popp has been baking for 17 years and opened Hive Bakery four years ago.

She created buzz in early May when she posted a photo of a cake on Facebook after the Supreme Court’s draft opinion on Roe v. Wade.

“We just posted a cake that said ‘my body my choice’ and the backlash from that community was unreal as well as the support,” Popp said.

Sales, Popp says, more than doubled in May as customers placed orders from around the world.

“We had to ship stuff to New Zealand, we had to ship stuff to Canada,” Popp said.

Normally, 4th of July themed treats would be on the menu before the holiday weekend.

But because Roe was knocked down, Popp says “protest cookies” took their place.

The cookie message is not sugar coated.

“We are absolutely terrified of living in a country that takes away your right to personal freedom,” Popp said.

She says her “protest cookies” sell out online within hours of posting.

The line at the store Friday morning was out the door.

“We’ve fought really hard to get to this point, and I don’t know why we’re trying to go back,” client Todd Treece said.

“His messages still resonate with me because we live in one hell of a bubble here. It’s very conservative,” client Angie Miller said.