Agrochemical company Dhanuka Group claimed on Monday that many shadow companies were selling fake pesticides in the domestic market and called for measures to end this illegal trade, which affects all parties involved, including farmers.

Three manufacturing plants owned by Dhanuka Group are located in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Jammu and Kashmir. More than Rs 1,500 crore in revenue was reported by its listed company, Dhanuka Agritech, in the most recent financial year.

Dhanuka Group Chairman RG Agarwal noted in a statement that an international study puts the share of illegal pesticides at between 10 and 25 percent of the total global pesticide trade, which is worth $80 billion.

It said in a statement that “farmers, industry, government and the environment are impacted by the illegal parallel market in agrochemicals.”

The use of counterfeit items has a negative impact on soil fertility.

Agarwal claimed that the growth of the national agrochemical industry was hampered by sales of fraudulent, counterfeit, duplicate and mislabeled products.

Agarwal recommended that the national campaign to combat illicit trade be launched by the federal government in collaboration with all states, union territories and commercial actors. Farmers should be made aware of the negative repercussions of using counterfeit products through a national campaign.

He expressed concern about crop losses of at least Rs 8 lakh crore every year caused by pests and diseases and noted that India uses very little pesticide per acre compared to China.

Dhanuka Group has announced the launch of “Jago Kisan Jago”, a program aimed at educating farmers about the dangers of counterfeit products and how to avoid them.

Agro Chem Federation of India (ACFI) has recently launched an awareness raising initiative on responsible use of quality pesticides in Nagpur using mobile vans.

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