The direct selling industry in India is booming. It has contributed enormously to the creation of self-employment or, for example, to entrepreneurship. The growth of the sector is mainly driven by women, thanks to the flexibility of work in terms of time and space, to the innovation and evolution that bring the business model to life. Direct selling is basically a business model where a seller makes a profit by buying products from the parent company and selling them directly to consumers. No third parties are involved, which makes the model cost effective and viable.

According to the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations (WFDSA), the growth of the direct selling industry in India has about 53% female entrepreneurs as they are actively engaged in a more than $1.5 billion industry. . This model allows women to start their own business through direct sales of products ranging from household items, supplements, cosmetics and almost anything.

But the direct selling business model also has its own challenges and benefits. It is rightly said that challenges are meant to make you stronger and those who understand this and manage to overcome difficulties succeed.

Shipra Neeraj, an entrepreneur, said that if you are determined, nothing can stop you from achieving everything you want. She said the growth of the industry is phenomenal and women are the driving force behind it as the sector offers them plenty of opportunities to earn profits and balance their professional and personal lives.

Shipra, who quit her lavish job at Infosys in Bengaluru to open a shop, said it was difficult at first but she put her heart, soul and mind into the business. She came into contact with the famous fashion designer Satya Paul and was then introduced to direct selling which marked a turning point in her life.

She saw immense growth opportunities in the industry and she turned them into an opportunity for personal success. Speaking about the challenges after joining QNet, Shipra said she faced countless challenges ranging from medical issues to constant changes in career trajectory, but she took it all in her stride and made the best of it. from all that life had to offer.

She said she had made good use of her communication skills and professional experience gained over many years to succeed. “I spoke with many people and slowly and steadily started to build a team. As my business grew, my self-confidence also increased,” said Shipra, who is now l one of the biggest entrepreneurs and one of the most successful people in the direct selling industry, said. “It was as if direct selling was tailor-made for my personality.”

Communication key to success

She said good communication plays a key role in dealing with clients on a personal level, making the process very engaging. She added that demonstration is essential in business and that is where it becomes effective.

The risk here is very low as the cost implication is minimal. People involved in the business have the freedom to approach new people every day in innovative ways. In today’s digital world, people are easily accessible and this also allows for deeper penetration in rural areas.

The growth of the direct selling industry in India has been exponential in recent years and it is set to grow further. Although the business model has a long history, the proper use of technology has added wings to the accelerating economy and the shift from the corporate world to self-employment.