There aren’t many games more relaxing than Disney’s Dreamlight Valley As you build a beautiful town full of friends, there’s nothing like being able to do all your farming and foraging tasks alongside Goofy, Moana, WALL-E, and more.

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On that note, moving everyone to your valley and upgrading things like stalls and shops certainly add up over time and leave your pocket deprived of Star Coins often enough. That said, in this guide we have explained some ways you can try to earn more money fast in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How can I make money fast in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

There are several ways to spend your time trying to make more money at Disney Dreamlight Valley. While some are more efficient than others and earn significantly more Star Coins, there are plenty of ways to earn coins while performing your normal tasks and farming resources.

Erase the nocturnal thorns

When you first start in Disney Dreamlight Valley, it will be covered in purple nocturnal thorns. Clearing all of these will often drop coins, and in some cases, if you’re lucky, a yellow chest may even drop and contain more money.

Each time you unlock a new area using Dreamlight, it will once again be covered in Night Thorns that you can cleanse. Also, more night thorns spawn each day that you need to take care of.

Sell ​​unwanted wanted items

It’s not the most fascinating way to farm for money, and it won’t make you as much money either. However, it’s easy enough to do without needing to go out of your way.

Whenever you explore the valley, complete quests, and anything else, be sure to search for all the items you can. Anything you need can be stored or used, and leftovers can be sold to Goofy.

While I always recommend save materials like wood, stone and orethere is nothing wrong with sell your flowers, herbs and whatever you have left you take.

Catch and sell fish

It’s as simple as it sounds. Go fishing and sell rare fish that you won’t use for cooking.

Specifically, be sure to fish by the blue and yellow circles in the water bodies whenever they appear. More often than not, this means your catch will be a bit more valuable. Personally, I keep fish like cod, herring, lancet and anglerfish because they can be used to cook meals that are more valuable than the fish themselves.

A player fishes alongside Elsa on a rainy day at Disney's Dreamlight Valley

Also, be sure to hang out with a character who specializes in fishing if you plan on fishing for a while. Not only will this increase your friendship level, but they will also regularly bring you additional goods.

mine of gems

Just like the task above, mining is better with a friend who specializes in it, so you have the chance to collect more gems, like emeralds or other resources.

Mining is a time-consuming task, but once you learn where each vein needs to be mined, it’s fairly easy to place your pits so you can teleport between veins and continuously mine. Always exploit the veins with colored gems sticking out of them, but don’t overlook the plain veins either; sometimes these will also hide gems.

A player searches for gems in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Be sure to save any ore, coal, or rock you might find, and you might want to save 2 or 3 of each gem for later use (these appear in many quests!). Other than that, you can sell any gems you find for half a decent price.

Cook and sell meals

Cooking up a storm and selling meals has been my personal choice for farming Star Coins. Although resource farming for ingredients can sometimes take a bit of time, you will be able to buy many ingredients from Chez Remy once it is fully upgraded.

A player prepares a meal next to Remy at Chez Remy in Disney Dreamlight Valley

There are plenty of recipes that will help you financially in Disney Dreamlight Valley, and we’ve detailed them all in our guide to the best recipes to sell and use for energy. Many of the most valuable recipes use pumpkins or valuable fish, so be sure to keep those ingredients handy when you find them.

Grow pumpkins

Finally, if farming is your forte, you can start a pumpkin farm.

That said, pumpkins aren’t actually unlocked until much later in Disney Dreamlight Valley, when you can unlock Forgotten Lands. Once here, you can repair Goofy’s booth and purchase Pumpkin Seeds for 275 Star Coins.

This seed price may seem high, but rest assured, your pumpkins will sell for over 600 coins when grown and sold. If you cook them and make pumpkin soufflé or pumpkin soup, you can even earn up to 1000 coins for each meal.

That’s it for money-making methods through Disney Dreamlight Valley. For more, be sure to upgrade your tools, so you can access more areas, and don’t forget to feed the Critters!