A drug dealer was put on probation for 18 months this week for supplying cannabis.

Katie Ann Glover has admitted to selling about an ounce of the Class B drug to a friend for a month last year.

She pleaded guilty to being involved in the supply of cannabis and to possessing cannabis.

We previously reported that police executed a search warrant at Glover’s home address at Anagh Coar Road in Douglas on August 9.

She was at home at the time and told police there was cannabis in the house for her personal use. A quantity of 4.8 grams of drugs was found, valued by police at £114.

During an interview at police headquarters, Glover admitted possession of the drugs for personal use.

His cell phone was taken for analysis and conversations were found relating to his sale of cannabis.

She was questioned again and confirmed that no one else had access to her phone, but replied “no comment” when asked about the incriminating messages.

Defense attorney Ian Kermode presented a plea basis for his client, in which Glover said she believed she had sold no more than an ounce of cannabis in total, and only to a friend .

This was accepted by the prosecution as it was said that it was impossible to quantify the amount sold based on the messages.

Mr. Kermode demanded that his client’s confession be recognized at the scene, pointing out that she had told the police that cannabis was in the house.

“The supply was for one person, a friend, so we are not dealing with multiple people,” the lawyer said.

“It was over a period between July and August 2021, so very little profit was made, a few hundred pounds at street price.”

Mr Kermode asked for credit to be given for Glover’s guilty pleas and said that although she had a number of previous convictions for possession offences, the last was four years ago.

A probation report said Glover sold the drugs to fund his own habit.

The report assessed his risk of recidivism and harm to others as a means and suggested a probation order as the most appropriate sentence.

Deputy High Bailiff Mr Brooks sentenced her to 18 months probation for each offence, to run concurrently.

She was ordered to pay prosecution costs at the rate of £5 a week deducted from benefits.