FORT BRAGG, NC – Claudia Rehbein, recreation specialist supervising the Family, Morale, Welfare, and Recreation Control Center, rose through the ranks from recreation assistant to manager during her career 28 years old.

Rehbein is originally from Bolivia where she met and married her husband, a soldier with the 7th Special Forces Group.

“My family owned a store, where I met my husband,” Rehbein explained. “With the family store, I grew up behind the counter helping sell items and providing customer service.”

After marrying her husband, they were quickly transferred to Fort Bragg where Rehbein began his civilian career.

She explained that she started her career as a recreation aid in 1993 at the CPE. She was promoted to Recreation Assistant, then Chief Recreation Assistant, followed by a promotion to Supervisory Recreation Assistant, and finally to Manager on January 2, 2020.

Rehbein had two brief hiatuses due to moving to El Paso, Texas and Panama. However, after each break and subsequent return to Fort Bragg, she was able to resume her ECC career.

As a military spouse, Rehbein has a good understanding of the challenges faced by military families.

“Like any military family, as a soldier my husband traveled a lot,” Rehbein said. “I understand what it’s like to get up early every day on your own, take care of the kids, take them to daycare and have to deal with it all.”

Through his own personal experiences, Rehbein has a passion for caring for soldiers, their families, and understands the importance of spousal preference in the hiring process.

“It is such a privilege that in my job I can take care of our soldiers and their family members, especially during times of war and deployments,” Rehbein said. “I love being able to offer them services so they can have the opportunity to relax and de-stress.”

His favorite equipment is bouncy castles for the joy they bring to families, especially for birthdays.

“I remember being a recreation aide and having to clean them (the bouncy houses) all the time,” Rehbein said. “Now I just have to help clean them when my staff needs help.”

During her journey to become the head of the ECC, Rehbein described her biggest challenge as overcoming her perfectionism. Over the years, Rehbein has seen many managers come and go, many of them encouraging her to apply for the job because she was ready.

“I was told for many years that I was ready for the job of manager,” explained Rehbein. “But I was too scared to apply because I was scared of not doing it perfectly.”

Much to the delight of James Day, the Head of Outdoor Recreation at DFMWR, she eventually applied for the position and was hired in 2020.

“Claudia is an exceptional worker who we are fortunate to have on our team,” said Day. “Thanks to her years of experience, she knows this installation inside out. She is an excellent manager who works hard to always thank her employees and lead by example.

Rehbein spent all 28 years of her civilian service working at the ECC and is a subject matter expert on its offerings. However, she is quick to point out that she wouldn’t be where she is without the support of her outdoor recreation family.

“I have succeeded over the years thanks to the support of my managers and colleagues,” smiles Rehbein. “Without them, I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

Since arriving in Fort Bragg, Rehbein and her husband have welcomed two beautiful daughters, her husband has retired, and over the years they have continually made the choice to stay in Fort Bragg.

“Fort Bragg is a place that provides opportunity for everyone, no matter where they come from,” Rehbein said. “I believe Fort Bragg is one of the best bases in the military, not least because of the services and amenities available to soldiers and their families. This is my home. Fort Bragg is my home.

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