Written to help professionals generate more income immediately. It offers a clear roadmap for building a business portfolio and cultivating long-term client relationships.

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#execcom—Exec|Comm LLC, a global communications skills consultancy, announced the launch of its new book – Selling Your Expertise: The Mindset, Strategies and Tactics of Successful Rainmakers (Wiley 2022) – written by Robert Chen, veteran communications, sales and leadership consultant, partner at Exec | Com.

Available April 12 wherever books are sold, Selling Your Expertise: The Mindset, Strategies and Tactics of Successful Rainmakers provides a practical guide to selling knowledge-based services in a market that demands credibility and authority. Readers will discover the importance of adopting a customer-centric mindset to help build a thriving business portfolio. They’ll explore effective strategies for finding their ideal prospects and turning them into long-term customers, using actionable metrics to gauge whether they’re on the right track. Finally, they will learn to apply practical tactics to build a reputation of trust, sharpen their communication skills, manage the challenges of not having enough time to sell and overcome obstacles.

“What will differentiate you with customers is probably not What problems that you are able to solve, but How? ‘Or’ What you solve these problems,” Chen writes. “Finding your voice and your unique way of working will build more authentic and trusting relationships.”

Written to help professionals immediately generate more income, Sell ​​your expertise provides lawyers, accountants, consultants, investment bankers and other knowledge professionals with a clear roadmap for building a business portfolio and cultivating long-term client relationships.

Organized into three parts, the book begins by exploring the mindset necessary for rain success:

  • Part I reviews the perceptions and interpretations needed to overcome common business development challenges.
  • Part II moves on to specific advice on the most effective strategies to use depending on where customers are in the sales process.
  • Part III deals with the basic tactics used to execute the strategies. Readers will discover how to build a great reputation, develop a personal and professional network, read a play in real time, and more.

Each chapter contains a “How-to” section to highlight immediately applicable advice and ends with questions for reflection, action or practical advice.

About the author of the book:

Robert Chen is a professional change agent and partner at Exec|Comm LLC, leading the company’s business development and sales efforts. Robert helps Fortune 500 business leaders and their teams unlock their potential, deepen their customer relationships, and win in the most competitive markets. He was recognized in 2021 with the Top 50 Outstanding Asian Americans in Business Award. In addition to his work with corporate clients, Robert teaches advanced persuasion and storytelling at the Wharton School for their MBA and Executive MBA programs. He has shared his views on business development, strategic career management and professional development in numerous articles for Fast Business, Business Insider, and Training magazine.

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About Exec|Comm:

For 40 years, Exec|Comm has helped develop professionals and leaders around the world. Our philosophy is simple: we all communicate more effectively when we focus less on ourselves and more on others.

Skill and knowledge of the job only gets you so far. Success largely stems from how you build relationships and communicate. Learners see tangible results and a practical return on their investment through our best-in-class products and services.

  • We train groups of professionals and coach executives in all sectors.
  • Our programs offer real skills for real life. We believe in experiential learning using real life scenarios so your employees can immediately implement the skills.
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  • Our team of over 40 coaches and instructors collectively speak over ten languages.

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