Deputy Chief Greg Rucker said it took 30 DeKalb County firefighters to rescue the woman whose SUV was run over by a dump truck in a horrific crash on Rogers Lake Road Monday afternoon.

“The car was crushed flat and you could tell the entire weight of the dump truck was sitting on top of the car. It was a lot of chaos at first and a lot to take in when we got there,” said the deputy chief. “They had reported a fire in the dump truck compartment and the vehicles were unstable in the mud.”


First responders work to free those trapped in a two-vehicle crash involving an overturned dump truck.

Captain Scott Votava hurriedly made contact with the woman whose legs were pinned against the backseat.

“I was a little surprised to hear him respond by the extent of the damage to the vehicle. It was unbelievable,” the captain said.

The rescue was methodical. Crews first had to stabilize the truck, then cut the SUV, then move the 50,000-pound truck weight off the SUV to reach the woman and get her to safety. The rescue operation lasted an hour and 42 minutes, according to the chief.

“A few times she asked if we were going to get her out and I assured her that we were working on it and it was just a bit more complicated than the average car accident, and she hung on. was amazing,” said Captain Votava, who has been with DeKalb Fire Rescue for 20 years.

“It’s really a relief and we don’t always see the positive outcome, so there were lots of smiles. I’m just proud of the whole team and their training,” Chief Rucker said.

The driver of the dump truck was cited for failure to maintain a lane. The woman, whose name and condition have not yet been released, is in her 60s. Authorities said she was conscious, talking and able to move her limbs when she was airlifted to hospital on Monday afternoon.