Florida woman faces FBI investigation for selling Ashley Biden’s diary

June 18, 2022, 8:28 p.m.
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Florida woman Aimee Harris is being investigated for selling Joe Biden’s daughter Ashley Biden’s diary after the president’s daughter left him in a ‘halfway house’ in Palm Beach.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is investigating a Florida woman who discovered the diary of US President Joe Biden’s daughter, Ashley Biden.

Interestingly, the woman is accused not of stealing it, but of selling it to a right-wing organization for $40,000.

In the diary, Ashley writes that as a child, taking showers with her father may have contributed to her sex addiction.

Why is this story important?

  • Ashley Biden’s diary contains details of her personal life, including her struggle with drug addiction.
  • She resided in a Palm Beach residence frequented by recovering drug addicts and left her diary there when she returned to Philadelphia in June 2020.
  • A few weeks later, Aimee Harris, a single mother of two recently released from rehab, moved in and discovered him under the mattress.

What are the revelations made in his diary?

She wrote in a January 2019 entry, “I remember having sex with friends at a young age; showers with my dad (probably not appropriate).”

The president’s daughter writes that she is “hypersexualized [at] a young age”, chronic drug addiction, extramarital affairs, and how his money was “down to the wire”.

She states that Joe was worried about her before a Democratic primary debate.

“Parents have been incredibly supportive”

It’s still unclear if Joe was inappropriate with Ashley since she seems to appreciate her parents on several occasions, reported. Daily Mail.

“I relapsed. F***ing again,” she wrote in March 2019 in her diary.

“The difference this time is that I spoke to mum+dad this morning. Mum+dad were worried but were incredibly supportive. I’m so lucky to have them by my side” , she added.

The agenda was published two weeks before the 2020 presidential elections

About two weeks before the 2020 election, it was posted on a right-wing news site but received little attention.

In November 2021, the New York Times reported on a Department of Justice investigation of the diary, and the authenticity of the diary was confirmed.

The Time reported in November that Ashley Biden’s diary, along with other items, had been stolen in an alleged burglary.

Harris collaborated with a money launderer to sell the newspaper

Harris allegedly collaborated with Robert Kurlander, a convicted money launderer, to sell the paper to Project Veritaswhich is known to carry out undercover operations against Democratic politicians and affiliated organizations.

Notably, Ashley is the youngest and only child of Biden’s marriage to First Lady Jill Biden.

In her late thirties, Ashley recorded dates from January 25 to September 18, 2019 in her diary.

Veritas paid Harris and Kurlander $20,000 each

Veritas paid $40,000 for the newspaper’s printing rights, transferring $20,000 to Harris and Kurlander.

In the end, James O’Keefe, the organization’s founder, decided not to publish, saying in an email that it would be seen as a “cheap shot”.

Instead, a Veritas a staff member leaked a copy of the newspaper to the right-wing news site National Casewho published it during the elections.

Veritas denies any wrongdoing

In November 2021, a year later, federal agents raided the homes of O’Keefe and two Veritas officers.

Prosecutors allege the organization stole Ashley’s belongings.

Veritas denies any wrongdoing and says it is simply a media outlet doing its job.

According to a source familiar with the investigation, the FBI is now investigating Harris for the sale of the diary rather than the alleged theft.