November 9 – A Pennsylvania man who was the former manager of a Morgantown construction company has pleaded guilty in federal court to wire fraud and money laundering after admitting to illegally embezzling $3.5 million from company funds for his personal benefit, U.S. Attorney William Ihlenfeld said. this week.

Michael D. Allen, 60, of Irwin, Pennsylvania, was previously a director of ABB Construction, LLC, which did business in Morgantown as Accelerated Construction Services (ACS). Allen is represented by defense attorney Lance E. Rollo, Esq. while Assistant U.S. Attorney Jarod J. Douglas prosecutes the case on behalf of the government.

According to court documents, Allen was hired to manage the “ordinary day-to-day construction operations of ABB Construction, LLC.”

For business purposes, ACS held bank accounts at United Bank which were used to deposit business receipts and pay business expenses.

Allen personally held a bank account with BB&T which allowed him to do business as Accelerated Construction Management (ACM).

“From May 2014 or thereabouts to October 2020 or thereabouts, [Allen ] deposited, and had another person deposit, ACS customers’ check payments into ACM’s BB&T bank account,” court documents said. The amount of checks deposited was approximately $2,100. $000.

“From May 2018 on or about to August 2019 or about this date, [Allen ] ordered, and caused another person to order, ACS clients to wire payments to ACM’s BB&T bank account,” the court papers continued. About $3,500,000.

Allen also wired $113,250 to a Pittsburgh jeweler for the purchase of a 5.19-carat diamond ring he had shipped to Morgantown. According to US code, in doing so, he knowingly engaged in a monetary transaction with a financial institution, affecting interstate commerce, using funds obtained through illegal activity.

Allen is now awaiting sentencing where he faces up to 30 years in prison in addition to being required to repay the $3.5 million stolen from the construction company.

“When someone abuses a position of trust for personal financial gain, it can be crippling to individuals and businesses,” U.S. Attorney Ihlenfeld said in a Nov. 7 press release. “For this reason, we will continue to be aggressive in our pursuit of white collar criminals like Mr. Allen.”

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