SAN DIEGO (KGTV) — A former principal of a North County swim school shares her concerns following new charges against a former swimming instructor.

Amy Moreno is the former general manager of the Callan Swim School. She was stunned to learn that former swimming teacher Nicholas Piazza had been arrested again.

“I was even more shocked that he was still giving lessons and being able to do it again,” Moreno said.

Last week, San Diego County Sheriff’s investigators announced that Piazza had been arrested for a second time. Investigators say a seven-year-old boy told his mother that Piazza sexually assaulted him twice in the past month.

The alleged incidents occurred during a private lesson at Rancho Santa Fe. At the time, Piazza was out on bail and had been ordered not to work with children due to the previous case.

Piazza was first accused of touching a child inappropriately during a swimming lesson at Callan Swim School in San Marcos during the summer of 2021. Moreno was on personal leave at the time -the.

“At that time the owners of the Callan Swimming School said they were going to get Nicholas Piazza out of the water. They did that for about a week, after a week he was back in the water. to teach,” Moreno said.

According to court documents, in October 2021, Piazza was charged with the crime of performing a lewd act on a child. The six-year-old allegedly told his mother that a substitute swimming instructor had touched his private parts.”

San Diego defense attorney Kerry Armstrong is representing Piazza in the first case.

Piazza sent 10News a statement that said in part, “I have watched the 13-minute swimming lesson video on the first case numerous times, and I firmly believe that Nick is innocent. The little boy is unresponsive. never to any alleged underwater touching during the swimming lesson, and he seems very happy throughout the lesson, he even clapped Nick’s hands three times on video after the lesson was over.

Moreno says the cameras aren’t capturing anything up close.

“As far as the kid’s kicking or anything underwater, you wouldn’t see it,” Moreno said.

We contacted the owner of the Callan Swim School on Monday, but got no response.

Last week, attorneys for the school sent 10News the following statement.

“It has come (to) our attention that a former swim instructor at Callan Swim School has recently been charged with a felony. This instructor has not been employed by CSS for some time and is not was not employed by us at the time of this alleged incident.. We would like to make it clear that having taught swimming lessons for over 60 years and being in this life saving business, CSS would never knowingly put any student in danger in any capacity. CSS categorically denies any claims to the contrary.”

Sheriff’s investigators are asking for any additional victims to come forward. As of Monday, no one had contacted the department regarding the case.

Piazza is due to stand trial in the first case on December 14. He is imprisoned in Vista without bond.