At this point, fans know that Frank Fritz is no longer a star on American Pickers, the History series that made him a household name. After voluntarily leaving the show to deal with personal and health issues, Mike Wolfe has confirmed that his former fellow bandmate will not be returning. It’s spurred a movement online from some of the show’s most ardent fans, and now it looks like the former reality TV star is taking a look at how fans feel about it. In fact, he sells products related to his dismissal from the series.

Fritz may not be on the History show anymore, but he’s still a picker and he owns an establishment in Il called Frank Fritz Finds. The store had apparently received bad reviews after all the hubbub of Frank and Mike break up the band. In recent months, however, Frank Fritz Finds has had positive momentum. Among the changes, it appears the store has started selling merch on the way out in the form of black t-shirts.

The tees are black with white text on them and they come with a message that has become a frequent refrain online. What do they say?

I want Frank back.

The Sun took a look at the t-shirts, along with other memorabilia that Frank appears to be selling from the show. It includes photos of himself and Mike, which is somewhat surprising given the former reality star was candid about how he felt like he got a little dirty by Wolfe.

Whether you go to American Pickers posts on Twitter, Facebook, or other social media, you’ll likely see a variation of this comment. Just watch the current”pinned tweet“At the moment there is a lot of variation in the sentiment on the shirt. One commenter, EmbarrassedNoted:

Bring back Frank Fritz. Your show has been a major nap since he left!

Another one Jet_Set_Bearsaid the show should not have continued after the events that unfolded during the pandemic.

You should have boxed the show when you boxed Frank.

The point being, “bring Frank back” has been a common refrain from the fanbase, and while it seems to have died down somewhat as newcomers Robbie and Mike have aired new episodes in recent months, fans are very familiar with that kind of commentary. Now it looks like Fritz and co. try to capitalize on sentiment.

For a while, it looked like the former reality star may have been looking to get back to Pickers. He made several comments about hoping to return. When Wolfe made it clear that was not an option on the table, Fritz expressed interest in starring on his own show. It is clear that this did not happen. So perhaps the best thing to do is sell sarcastic t-shirts. I’d be interested to know whether or not the fans coming out online support the reality personality’s merch.

Meanwhile, fans already know the show evolved with Robbie Wolfe. Ratings have been falling on the series since all the talk online related to the move, but on the bright side there has been more good news in recent weeks as American Pickers seen an increase. Also true is the fact that Fritz would be on the mend after his stroke. And while he clearly doesn’t seem to be above a bit of petty (T-shirt oriented) revenge, I hope he pulls it off and his health improves in the future. .