A strong and informative documentary film that will make you wish you had been taught this in school. Although this is for the US cases, there are still tips and tricks on how to develop better buying habits, and they will make you more financially conscious.

The Netflix documentary film Get Smart with Money was released on September 6, 2022.

Money makes the world go round and influences every aspect of our lives, it’s why we work, manipulate and force our choices from what house we can buy to what schools we can attend and send our children to. It is therefore laughable that we are not fully prepared to use it and spend it properly. It’s something we should all learn in school. We’re all supposed to know how to do our taxes, understand VAT and taxes, and the importance of our credit score, as well as how to save, how to be savvy, and how to stay out of debt. It’s something we’re responsible for, which is both good and bad; we can either build ourselves financially or ruin ourselves.

In this lifestyle documentary film, financial experts will share their top tips for spending less and saving more, helping people from all walks of life in the United States with their money worries and problems. Not only do they teach you how to work and understand money, but they also teach you how to focus and change your lifestyle. It’s not a one-time fix, but many little things you can do to give yourself more financial freedom.

Lasting one hour and thirty-three minutes, Be smart with money discusses individual cases with practical advice on how to save and invest. Experts are very pleasant, easy to watch and listen to. It’s very clear that they want to bring positivity and financial fulfillment into people’s lives. Their “do more” and “save more” philosophy is all about helping you feel free and have more time for your personal well-being.

Customers/people who need help are honest, vulnerable and brave to let us into their financial situation. I was expecting more gory tales and hardship, with a huge turnaround, and really only got a small taste of how these choices will help them in the future. That’s not a bad thing, these situations felt very relevant, and I’m sure many viewers will be able to relate and learn from these stories. Customers range from young hospitality workers, dreaming of being independent, families living paycheck to paycheck, to former professional sports stars, who have spent millions and ended up with next to nothing. . Show us that everyone, no matter how much money you have, needs help with their expenses.

What’s interesting are the little stats added throughout, like 1 in 5 Americans can’t afford health care, 44% of US households lost income during Covid, and how your spending choices can affect your everyday life.

I really liked this documentary film which is good. It is interesting to see how people who are struggling or distraught can be helped and hopefully positively influence a better future. This whole documentary film aims to inform, gain knowledge, build confidence and help people understand their financial situation and how to improve it. It made me want to watch and listen to Martin Lewis, the UK financial expert, who always helps with financial problems and emails you with the latest bargains. As this series is aimed more at American audiences, there are still tips and advice that you can take away, adapt, and implement in your own life. Even if it means doing research.

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