The Greensburg Salem School Board this week approved a new three-year contract for maintenance and custodial workers through June 2024.

The board also agreed to seek two new central office administrators, including a replacement for business manager Joan Wehner, who resigned to take a similar position at the Riverview School District in Oakmont.

Wehner was hired Monday by the Riverview School Board, at a salary of $112,000.

Previously a business manager in the McKeesport Area School District, Wehner was hired by Greensburg Salem in December for $105,000.

The Greensburg Salem board of directors accepted his resignation at its meeting on Wednesday.

“It was an opportunity for me and my family,” Wehner, who lives in North Huntingdon, said of his impending move between districts. “I know it’s only been a short time here (in Greensburg Salem), but I really enjoyed it,” she said.

Wehner’s departure date has yet to be determined. Greensburg Salem Superintendent Ken Bissell said she will continue to participate in refining the district’s proposed $49.1 million 2022-23 budget, which is subject to final board approval in June. .

“Since she’s been here, she’s been phenomenal,” Bissell said of Wehner. “She deserves to do what’s best for her and her family. We only wish him the best.

Greensburg Salem is also looking to fill a newly defined administrative position: Human Resources, Distance Learning and Assessment Coordinator.

District officials noted that this would not increase the total number of administrators since Bissell was not replaced as secondary education coordinator when he became acting superintendent last July.

Bissell noted that it’s a matter of “juggling and prioritizing” for him to manage the tasks of both positions.

“It will be a big help to get someone else in,” he said.

He said the proposed new administrator “will take care of a lot of the human resources and personnel elements. They are also going to take care of many elements with e-learning and other ancillary elements, such as the help with transportation issues.

“It will allow me to continue to help with the program and the instruction.”

He said the district will likely start with an internal search as it seeks to fill the new position.

The agreement with Greensburg Salem Maintenance and Custody Workers Local 627 covers six maintenance workers and 20 custodial workers. It is retroactive to last July 1 and is subject to review by the district attorney.

The base hourly wage for custodial workers will increase by $1 per year, to $26.31 in the 2023-2024 school year.

In 2022-23, daytime maintenance workers who were hired before August 13, 2014 will receive a base hourly wage increase of 40 cents, to $24.29, while evening maintenance workers will see an increase of 45 cents, to $24.13. These salary levels will remain unchanged during the final year of the contract.

Veteran goalies who start work after 3:00 p.m. on a given day will receive an additional shift differential of 10 cents per hour.

Custodians hired on or after August 13, 2014 will receive hourly wage increases of 75 cents in each of the first two years of the contract, followed by a wage freeze in the final year.

The starting hourly rate for these junior guards is set at $15 for this school year and $17 for each subsequent year. The maximum rate for each of the last two years is $21 per hour.

Middle and high school evening shift leaders will be paid an additional 20 cents per hour.

The district can decide to hire a foreman who would be paid an additional $1 an hour.

Jeff Himler is an editor of the Tribune-Review. You can contact Jeff at 724-836-6622, [email protected] or via Twitter .