Court heard Sebastian received $247,500 from Day for supporting Taylor Swift Red tour in 2013, which was $187,524 less than what his manager at the time should have deposited in his bank account.

There were other financial shortfalls related to corporate concerts and weddings, and tens of thousands of dollars in royalties, including from Montreal-based Premier Muzik.

“Finding out that Titus was taking that money – on top of the 20% of my income to which he was legitimately entitled – and then using it for his own gain was a stab in the heart,” Sebastian said.

The judge issued an order for compensation of $624,675.

Day’s lawyer, Dominic Toomey, SC, had argued that this was not the “typical” case of embezzlement, in which money is often spent “on lavish lifestyle choices”.

In his statement, Sebastian said: “I was by far Titus’ biggest earner…he was using my money to get himself out of those bad decisions that cornered him financially.”

“For him to be a close friend of the family and interacting socially with my family for years knowing what he was doing can only be described as evil,” Sebastian said. “I can’t imagine doing that to someone I call a friend, let alone a brother.”

The singer also spoke of the division he feels within the music industry afterwards, adding that “only those who are able to see this evidence can truly have an opinion on Titus Day’s guilt.”

“There are a lot of powerful people who are told their version of events without seeing any of the evidence and it has spread through the industry I work in and caused me a lot of harm because it has been perceived as if I was the culprit and he is the victim,” he said.

“The impact on me professionally among people who are important to my career is huge.”

Lawyers for Day provided several testimonies in support of their client’s character, including from singer-songwriter Tina Arena, who said her statement was made “with full knowledge that Titus Day has been found guilty. of several offences”.

Arena said she was cautious and selective about her business associates after a 50-year music career selling more than 10 million records.


In the statement, dated September, Arena said she signed a management agreement with Day and her company Media Talent Management in 2020, shortly after her indictment.

“He is a valued member of the entertainment industry with so much to offer,” she wrote. “The past two years have been nothing short of a tragedy for him and everyone in his professional and personal circles.”

Arena had urged the court to show leniency and compassion, adding that Day’s sentencing would cause “enormous despair” and disruption in their working relationship.

Day was convicted of 34 counts of embezzlement and acquitted of 16 counts.

The married father will celebrate his 50th birthday in custody in the new year and is eligible for parole for the first time in May 2025. Lawyers for Day have signaled their intention to appeal his convictions.

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