Luxury real estate agents on sell sunset cater to a very high-end clientele, including professional athletes and even Marvel stars. Recently, however, an armed robbery near the office has boss Jason Oppenheim wanting to make changes, even though no one on the sell sunset the team was involved.

TMZ caught up with the Oppenheim Group’s co-CEO just an hour after the reported incident that happened on March 17. According to him, a man armed with a gun “rushed” to another man and made him hand a watch. He did not see the actual events but walked around the corner of his building and grabbed the tail of the reported suspect fleeing the scene. Apparently the police have already obtained the security footage of their building to look at.

Jason Oppenheim shared that he immediately informed the rest of the sell sunset agents, which includes his now ex-girlfriend Chrishell Stause (following their breakup). He is also in talks with the owner of their office to get additional security teams – that is, on top of the ones they already employ – for their protection. But the Netflix star has obviously prepared in his spare time, adding that he just had shooting practice yesterday and will soon be getting his personal weapon of choice.

Following the armed robbery scare, Jason Oppenheim advised his staff to no longer wear jewelry or watches when traveling to and from their building, as an added precaution. Oppenheim admitted he and the rest of the team were “a bit” shaken by the situation. However, the 44-year-old broker maintained that they all needed to remain diligent, telling the outlet,

We still have to work as usual, but obviously without wearing a watch… Let’s just be careful, look around. Like, it was very concerning. This town has a lot of problems right now.

Just a few weeks ago, one of his own fell victim to an equally chilling potential crime. Christine Quinn, known as a villain on sell sunset, reported that an attempted home invasion at her LA home woke her and husband Christian in the middle of the night. She credited their extremely durable security system and windows for stopping would-be criminals from breaking in.

Not too far, in Encino, another reality TV star in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills‘ Dorit Kemsley herself faced the full brunt of a successful home invasion attempt last October. Hopefully for the sell sunset casting, it will never happen to something like this. sell sunset Currently awaiting the release of its fifth season. But in the meantime, fans can catch up on the events of the series or other new shows on Netflix’s 2022 TV premiere schedule.