Thanks to video games, players can escape reality and enter a virtual world where they can do what they want and be whoever they want. And since there are an almost infinite number of unique video games, like Worship of the Lamb, which allows players to run their own cult like a lamb, players can enter any virtual world they prefer. But, some players don’t want to experience a unique sci-fi/fantasy-inspired world, but rather want to do daily activities through simulation games.


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Simulation games like PowerWash Simulator Where Lawn mowing simulator have become increasingly popular despite their mundane appeal. But, some players prefer simulation management games like Two-point campus, which allows players to manage all aspects of a real campus. And just like in real life, earning enough money to run a college campus takes a lot of effort, but players can keep the cash flowing non-stop with the right tactics.

Adjust staff salaries

As hardcore management sim gamers know, the only way for a gamer to rise to the top of the financial food chain is to become a cold-hearted manager. And one of the most effective ways to make money fast in Two-point campus is by lowering staff salaries.

Players can start by lowering salaries for maintenance staff and slowly progressing to assistants and professors. But, of course, players should keep an eye on the total staff satisfaction meter. If the satisfaction meter gets too low, staff will perform their jobs poorly or even go on strike.

Raise student tuition

Another step players can take to earn some quick cash in Two-point campus increases tuition for popular courses like Robotics and Money Wangling. Players can also increase tuition for easy courses like General Knowledge or Scientography, but the amount of money earned with the increase is almost negligible and may deter new applicants.

Two-point campus fans should ensure that the course building and staff are properly upgraded. The higher the building/staff, the more likely a student is to apply for a course even if the tuition is higher than usual.

Remove annoying pupils

A feature that makes Two-point campus standing above other campus simulation games is that players can kick out students. And one of the best ways to take full advantage of this feature is to remove troublesome students or those who don’t pay their tuition.

Disturbing students can cause damage to a player’s campus or cause other students to drop out, so players should kick those students out as soon as possible. Additionally, students who cannot pay their tuition will only waste money on a player’s campus, so as harsh as it sounds, players should prioritize expelling these students. students.

Aim for Year-End XP Bonuses

Players will receive a bonus at the end of the year, so the better the campus has done throughout the year, the better the bonus. Student graduation and dropout are the factors that heavily affect bonus XP, so players should strive to keep their students happy.

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Many minor factors affect the bonus, such as campus events, courses, and even student personal goals. And players who want to receive this bonus even faster can speed up the game. But players should only do this if they are low on cash, as it may cause them to miss important in-game events.

Schedule events

Even though the main goal of organizing events on campus is to increase student happiness, players can also take advantage of it to earn extra money. Each event rewards players with a certain amount of Cash, Kudosh (one of many ways to earn Kudosh), and Happiness if completed without any issues.

But, some events must meet specific requirements before players can host them, some of which require high-level courses. Additionally, some events can last up to 30 days (Ripped Chords or DJ Sue Chef), so players who need cash fast in Two-point campus should avoid them.

Archeology course

One of the most effective ways to make money fast in Two-point campus is by selling artifacts that students can find by completing a dig site at the Pebberley Ruins. Players can sell artifacts for as low as $500 (Old Rusty Metal, Old Tires, and Old Pile of Rocks) and up to $50,000 (Ancient Plunder, Ancient Tomb, and Ancient Gem).

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But, of course, the artifacts a student finds at a dig site are entirely RNG. Players can increase their chances of finding ancient artifacts by upgrading the Archeology course and hiring better teachers.

Apply for loans

At first glance, getting a loan may seem counter-intuitive, but if a player really wants to earn some quick cash at Two-point campus, this is their best option. Players have three options for loans in Two-point campus: Two Point Bank ($25,000 – $50,000), Swindles ($75,000 – $100,000) and Smell My Cash ($150,000 – $250,000).

So, if a player is in desperate need of money, they can take out a loan for the amount they need. However, players should avoid taking out a large loan if they start gambling as the interest rate is 15% ($5,200 – $8,600 per month).

Two-point campus is now available for Linux, macOS, Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4/5 and Xbox One/Series X/S.

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