Holding the position of commercial director in a company is a real boon for any individual. But, it is not easy to access this level of accreditation when you do not have the right level and experience. Thus, in order not to judge individuals solely on their appearance, recruiters require a CV in order to fill the position with the most deserving. So how do you write a successful CV when you are in a position to become a sales manager?

Focus on the essentials

It is possible to have multiple business managers, but the criteria vary from individual to individual. For example, through a sales manager resume examplesmany people have recognized their potential to fill such a position.


The first thing you want to see on a sales manager resume are facts and figures. The facts are the number of people managed and the results of the management. The numbers indicate the number of years spent in the previous company.


The visibility of skills is perceived thanks to the presence of certain verbs such as directing, participating or directing. When writing a CV, when it is perceived that the candidate had to undertake all these things, then he is recognized as competent.

diplomas and qualifications

The year of accreditation with an employer, the diplomas obtained allow the recruiter to guess the level of the candidate’s potential and therefore to evaluate his knowledge in an imaginary way.


At this level, it is imperative that the candidate is just less explicit. Details should not go out into the area of ​​interest. The candidate will therefore have to wait for the interview before giving more reasons in specific detail.

Define a perfect header

In order to meet the requirements of writing a professional CV, it is important to define the header. Indeed, the header of a CV takes several points into consideration, including the valuation of personal data.

The personal data must appear on the left side of the sheet containing the data forming the CV. Thus, it is important that the candidate informs the recruiter of his identity (surname, first names) and his marital status (single or married). However, the candidate is not required to mention his marital status if he does not consider it necessary.

He can abstain in this respect. Then, the candidate must mention his address as well as his telephone number and his Gmail address if he has any.

Think about the CV format

A sales manager resume should be flawless and flawless in its presentation. It is therefore important to take into account the format of the CV so as not to be confused with a beginner in typing.


It is important that the candidate takes into account the layout of the CV. It may sound simple, but a lot of people make mistakes in this area. A poorly formatted CV is an indication of the candidate’s incompetence in typing. Thus, the candidate making the CV of the sales manager must take care to place the header as well as the footer. At the same time, he must take into account the vertical alignment of the writings and the parts listed in the titles of the CV.


The layout is just as important as the layout because it remains one of the recruiter’s analysis criteria. Thus, to achieve a perfect layout, the candidate must take into account the spacing between expressions, the hierarchical level, the choice of font and color. However, the different bold, italic and other effects should be taken into account.

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