Howie Mandel gets personal in the latest episode of celebrity IOU.

The Emmy-winning comedian, 66, teamed up with Drew and Jonathan Scott to help renovate his best friend Rich Thurber’s outdated bachelor pad. Thurber, who has also been Mandel’s manager for 30 years, moved into the apartment after losing his home in a divorce 15 years ago. And recently, he has been going through some tough times.

“Last year his father passed away,” Mandel said in Monday’s episode. “Life isn’t always easy. It’s been a tough time and nothing makes you feel better than being a small part of doing something for someone else.”

the America’s Got Talent the judge said that Thurber is someone who takes care of everyone but himself. That’s why he wanted to surprise him with a complete renovation of his house.

In the exclusive clip above, viewers can see Mandel’s playful side as he jokes around with the Property Brothers stars.

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In the video, Drew traced a few squares on a wall in Thurber’s house, to make the painting process easier for the comedian.

“Painting with Howie is like painting with my nieces and nephew,” Drew joked. “We paint by numbers.”

Mandel was clearly proud of himself as he filled in the boxes. “I’m color blind and I’ve never painted!”

Of course, he had to crack a few jokes while they worked. He commented on liking the dark shade and compared it to his hair in his youth: “People might not remember it, but when I was young my hair was all black.”

Brush in hand, Drew said, “I can’t quite imagine this. Let me just…” He took out his paint roller and painted Mandel’s bald head. Mandel, of course, leaned into the joke and took off his glasses for the HGTV star to take an angle. “You still look 25!” joked Drew. Mandel closed the bit, pretending to remove the “bangs” from his eyes.

While the episode had plenty of funny moments, the final reveal was definitely emotional for Mandel’s close friend who the comedian says is “part of the family.”

“It was like a dream,” Thurber said of the space created. “It was completely different. Nothing was the same.”

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In the Scott Brothers’ latest hit HGTV series, A-list celebrities give back to their friends and mentors by renovating their homes. Features of this season’s lineup Tiffany Haddish, Halle Berry, Lisa Kudrow, Anthony Anderson, Snoop Dogg, Ali Wang, Howie Mandel and John C. Reilly.

In April, the brothers revealed to PEOPLE which celebrities were the most emotional on the show.

“As soon as they cry, we cry,” Drew said. “We had Halle Berry tears. We actually had Snoop tears [Dogg]which surprised me a lot.”

The show, which is all about giving back, gives Jonathan and Drew a chance to observe these close friendships as well.

“When we reveal the space and you see them with their friend. It’s almost like you saw them 20 years ago,” Drew said. “They’re just real people and you see that emotional connection. You can’t help but cry because it’s so touching to see these celebrities in such a personal space.”