Navigating any beauty or personal care aisle in CVS can be overwhelming with shelves from head to toe and row upon row of what appear to be the same products in different packaging. But in the acne aisle in particular, there’s clearly one product that’s grabbing shoppers’ attention more than others: Peach Slices Acne Spot Dots ($5). Powered by K-beauty innovations, the brand debuted four years ago and has undoubtedly made its mark in the highly saturated acne space.

“Our Acne Spot Dots have been on CVS since the brand launched four years ago, and it’s very exciting because at CVS, which is America’s largest pharmacy, it’s the #1 selling product in the entire ‘acne alley,’ says brand founder and CEO Alicia Yoon, who also heads up Peach Slices’ sister brand Peach & Lily. “I think it’s a testament to the fact that people want this simple, holistic, easy-to-use solution for all skin types and you don’t have any other issues using it.” When you think of all the household names in the acne business, such as Neutrogena and Clean & Clear that have been around for decades, this is truly a great achievement.

Peach Slices is also currently one of Ulta Beauty’s top 10 brands, where it was introduced last year. In other big news, the brand is also launching into the acne aisle at 3,500 Walmart stores in September. “We’re really excited about this because acne is an age-old problem, but there’s a new way to approach it. All of our formulas are very holistic. And that’s the modern approach where, yes, you face to the breakout, but you’re really focused on keeping your skin hydrated and thinking about the root cause of acne, which is inflammation. People really want this modern, next-gen approach to acne , gentle, holistic, hydrating and customizable.

Although there are currently dozens of acne dots, stickers, and patches on the market, Yoon thinks the reason Translucent Spot Dots work well is quality control. “If the spot is too big, it really isn’t invisible and rolls easily; if it’s too thin, the suction part isn’t great; and if it’s too sticky, it leaves a residue. It’s actually quite complex, so we’re working with a pharmaceutical company to make it a medical-grade device, and it’s really high-quality,” she explains. “We also do independent third-party testing on them, and the results are pretty overwhelming: 97% of testers said their blemishes were smoothed out in just 48 hours. It works fast.”

Yoon says most people take their Dot(s) off and replace them every four to six hours, but you can also wear them for eight hours overnight. “You can replace them as often as needed,” she notes, adding that they come in three different sizes and there are 30 in a pack. And, if you’ve ever seen white stuff on the Dot after removing it, Yoon says it’s “all the extra sebum and impurities from the pore – for some people it’s pus – that got sucked out , not the actual whitehead. It decongests the pores, allowing the rash to heal better. On top of that, the hydrocolloid itself protects wounds and creates a moist healing environment. Plus, sometimes you remove the Dot and you’ll see your pimple has come up a bit more to the head, so you can more easily press without necessarily having to extract.We get a lot of feedback like this.

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