Ahead of filming for Season 2, The Hampton’s realtor JB Andreassi told The New York Times that the series had been “good for business.”

Million Dollar Beach HouseJB Andreassi recently talked about his latest show Sell ​​the Hamptons and if it was good for his residential real estate business before filming season 2. JB Andreassi debuted on beach house in 2020 via Netflix, which followed the Hamptons’ summer 2019 real estate season marked from Memorial weekend to Labor Day weekend. The show followed five Nest Seekers International residential real estate brokers in a docu-style format reminiscent Vanderpump Rules and The cradles of MTV focusing on the Hamptons brokers’ inner conflict with the luxury real estate featured in the episodes as a backdrop. The show lasted one season after being criticized for racist micro-aggressions by some brokers towards the only black cast member, Noel Roberts.


Sell ​​the Hamptons is picking up Discovery+ amid the pandemic sales season with just three cast members from the previous show: Peggy Zabakolas, Michael Fulfree and JB Andreassi. join them to Sale are newcomers Bianca D’Alessio, Kenny Arias and Mia Calabrese, who breathe much-needed life and diversity into the series. Throughout the season, series MVP Peggy carries the show through her personal growth and manages to have some interesting conflicts with nearly the entire cast. Peggy improved her cold personality by beach house and shared insecurities with Bianca about being recently single, getting older, and her biological clock ticking without having children. Peggy’s relatable content is usually juxtaposed with the common microaggressions of actors Michael or JB.

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Regarding the question of whether the show was “good for business” JB said The New York TimesA lot of your business isn’t doing television, and you’re going to do a scene, it takes four hours; you go back to your phone and people are like, ‘JB, where are you, what are you doing?’ You say, “Oh, I’m shooting the show,” and they say, “That’s great, I’m happy for you, but we have to get this deal done.”“Multi-million dollar real estate deals often take longer than the standard filming schedule for a reality TV show. The reality star continued, “A lot of my clients understand, and they come to see me because of the television. But I lost business because of it, because I couldn’t give them the attention they needed. We try to make it work, to find the balance. I’m getting better with it, but it’s hard.Additionally, billionaires and millionaires might not necessarily want their business featured on national television, which could attract unwanted attention.

Business was obviously pretty good for JB as it earned him another season of Sell ​​the Hamptons, which begins filming in June. There are no details on which cast members will be returning, but it would be safe to say that alums Peggy and Michael will be joining JB for a third summer season of The Hamptons filming together. Newcomer Mia debuted in Season 1 trying to get her brother, Nick Calabrese, to join her in the Hamptons, who is currently listed as a broker with Nest Seekers International in New York. His return with the addition of his brother would make sense.

Since Million Dollar Beach House for Sell ​​the Hamptonsthe producers were trying to fix the “boys club” from the past of the Netflix show where four of the five actors were male. What’s puzzling is why they decided to keep two of the three cisgender heteronormative white men who struggle the most on camera with their attitudes and their anger. The “boys club” was still very much alive. The show looks like an attempt for Michael to get noticed by The challenge like a meat chef. And although he’s said in the past that he doesn’t want to be on reality TV, JB seems to be better suited for it. The single person. The two were cast for bad shows and are only in the Hamptons to sell out to meet the needs of other wealthy white men in the area. Maybe if they came out and the show could focus on the far superior ladies and Kenny who actually seem to know what they’re talking about and could make a real difference.

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Sell ​​the Hamptons begins filming season 2 in June for Discovery+.

Source: New York Times, YouTube

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