KeePass 2.52 is the latest stable version of the popular password manager. The new version introduces new features and improvements to the app, including better support for importing passwords from other password managers, new option to copy initial password, and more.

Check out my KeePass review if you’re new to the app. It’s been my go-to password manager for a long time. The main reasons for this are that it’s a local app with optional cloud sync support, expandable through a ton of extensions and apps, well-designed, and more secure than word managers password online.

KeePass 2.52 is available for download from the official website of the project. You may receive an update notification within the program itself, but you need to download and install the update manually.

KeePass 2.52: changes

You can consult the full release notes here. It’s a long list. Discover the main improvements of KeePass 2.52 below:

  • New Copy initial password option in the Input dialog under Tools. Activation copies the password that was active when the input dialog was opened to the clipboard. The entry allows users to change passwords, but KeePass keeps track of password history.
  • Attachment count is now displayed in the Attachments menu when multiple entries are selected.
  • The History tab of the input dialog displays the time when a password was last changed.
  • The Firefox placeholder now supports Microsoft Store versions of Firefox.
  • Support for importing passwords from 1Password, Key Folder, Sticky Password, Steganos Password Manager, and Bitwarden improved.
  • KeePass checks the configuration file in the new version and displays warnings if any issues are found.
  • Plugin system improvements (more easily load the header from a database file and subscribe to a master key change event).
  • Attached file(s) saved to renamed to Save file(s) in and moved to the Attachments submenu under Input. The command is only visible if at least one attachment is detected.

Closing words

KeePass 2.52 brings small adjustments to the password manager, which improve some key features of the application. The new version does not introduce killer functionality to the app, but since it has worked well for so long, it may be difficult to come up with new features that would further improve the password manager.

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KeePass 2.52 Password Manager Released

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KeePass 2.52 Password Manager Released

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KeePass 2.52 is the latest stable version of the popular password manager. It improves imports from other password apps and more.


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