Research by Rightmove revealed which home features have gained the most popularity, with garden desks topping the list.

The portal built its new analysis based on the number of agents presenting them as key selling points.

The number of property listings mentioning garden offices – which received a big boost during the pandemic, when more people started working from home than ever before – is now 11 times higher than a decade ago ( up 1,046%).

Second on the list are folding doors, which are up 589% from 10 years ago, followed – somewhat surprisingly – by orangeries (up 173%) and underfloor heating (up 114%).

Second homes are also trending, up 90%, but greenhouses seem to be on the way out, down almost half (46%).

The number of real estate advertisements now mentioning an electric car charging station has increased sixfold (+495%) compared to a year ago, with environmental concerns remaining a priority.

Rightmove’s findings suggest homeowners could ditch separate dining areas for more modern open-plan options. Dining rooms mentioned in property listings fell 28%, according to the website, while mentions of open-plan rooms rose 74%.

The decline of the traditional dining room may also be due to more people converting this room into a home office during the pandemic.

Verandas (-52%) and built-in wardrobes (-29%) are other features declining in popularity according to real estate listings by agents.

“Agents and developers have their finger on the pulse when it comes to home features that will attract the right buyers. Where dining areas and built-in wardrobes may not be as important to some potential buyers as they were a decade ago, other features like outdoor office space have skyrocketed as living habits work have changed, and the results also indicate a move towards greener features,” Tim from Rightmove. Banister said.

“With the importance of outdoor space, owners may need to ensure that what they build outdoors can be used in different ways. For example, summer houses and orangeries are likely to have fewer or smaller windows than verandas, and therefore may serve better as home offices during the week and entertainment spaces on the weekends.

James Holmear, group sales manager at homebuilder Redrow, added: “These results stem from the demand for more space in the home which can accommodate mixed personal and professional lives. Home offices are growing in popularity as many people continue to work from home on a more permanent basis. »

He continued, “Folding doors are also highly sought after because they allow people to use space flexibly and extend their living space seamlessly outwards. Sustainable features such as electric vehicle chargers, solar panels, water catchers and eco-friendly bins are all high on the priority list. »

Steve Rule, Group Technical and Design Director at Cala Homes, commented: “Over the past two years, there has been a real shift in what house hunters are looking for. Buyers are thinking a lot more in detail about what they really want and need from their home, and really optimizing their space, especially since many are spending more time there thanks to working from home or hybrid.

He added: “From a sustainability perspective, smart home technology has become very important. Underfloor heating is becoming increasingly popular, both for environmental reasons and for the improved aesthetics it offers. We are also rolling out various energy-saving measures in our homes that have become the agenda of our buyers – from air-source heat pumps and electric vehicle charging stations to water-efficient fittings and photovoltaic/solar panels.