LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) — Kentucky Secretary of State Michael Adams said he would support legislation to only allow recount requests from candidates who are within 1 percentage point of the winner.

Adams spoke out after at least six losing Republican candidates from Kentucky’s primary election in May filed petitions calling for a formal vote recount, including two who lost by 36 percentage points and more than 2,000 votes , the Courier Journal reported.

Adams, a Republican, called several of the recount demands “frivolous.”

The common thread between the five recount petitioners, Adams said, is that these candidates ran on a “freedom” platform of anti-establishment distrust of the government, “but there is really nothing of freedom or libertarianism in what they do.

“Before, the Conservatives were against wasting taxpayers’ resources,” he added.

Under a 2021 law, the loss margin threshold for a candidate to request a re-solicitation is less than 1 percentage point. No such threshold margin exists under Kentucky law for a candidate to request a recount — a more laborious process requiring a recount of ballot totals, at the petitioners’ expense.

Adams said he would support legislation in next year’s legislative session to use the same 1% eligibility threshold for recounts and require candidates to go through the recanvas process first.