LAKEWOOD, CO – The votes were still counted for the Lakewood Ward 5 race, which was so close an automatic recount was ordered.

Candidate Mary Janssen officially won the election against Tom Keefe by just 11 votes.

Two seats will be filled in Ward 5 – candidate Wendi Strom led the race with 647 votes.

The count began on Monday and the official results were counted Tuesday morning.

Four candidates campaigned for two seats in Ward 5: Strom, Janssen, Keefe and Michael Gunstanson.

Strom’s campaign platform included public safety, investing in small businesses, and sustainability. She has spent over two decades working in the financial services industry and has worked the past 12 years as a Certified Financial Planner.

“I’ve been helping people be good stewards of their finances for 20 years,” the Strom’s Patch profile read.

“I have budget experience and look forward to using it to make sure the city is in the best possible place to continue to keep our parks clean and safe, to deliver the programs and services that our community values ​​and relies on, and has the flexibility to implement other programs that can move us forward in areas like sustainability and public safety. “

The majority of candidates said one of their main goals is to get as much feedback as possible from voters; However, Janssen pledged to create a “Ward 5 Citizen Cabinet” that would include residents from each of the neighborhoods in the district.

“It’s about finding solutions that probably won’t be 100% for everyone, but we still end up making Lakewood even better than it is today,” Janssen’s profile reads.

Janssen, who has owned a photography studio in Ward 5 for 35 years, said she is dedicated to improving capital maintenance, strengthening neighborhood partnerships with local businesses and reducing traffic. crime in Lakewood.

“We need to reduce the double-digit increase in crime rates,” she said.