Frisch challenges Boebert in a close race in Colorado

Lauren Boebert has asked for donations to support a possible recount of the results of her Colorado election race against Democrat Adam Frisch.

The Republican’s appeal for financial support on Friday afternoon comes after she said she was confident she would keep her House seat as the unexpectedly upset race remains too close to announce.

When asked by reporters if she expected to win the race on Thursday, the incumbent Republican replied, “Of course I expect to win. It’s going to be awesome.”

Ms Boebert now leads with 1,122 votes in what has turned out to be a surprisingly close race for the US House seat in Colorado’s 3rd congressional district.

After trailing for much of the race, Donald Trump’s ally regained the lead on Thursday, now leading with 50.2% of the vote to Mr Frisch’s 49.8%, with 99% of votes reported.

The race could head for an automatic recount if the winning side does not win by a margin of more than 0.5%.


Women, Gen Z and LGBTQ candidates mark a string of midterm firsts

Zooming in on individual contests across the country, pundits and pollsters could easily agree on at least one thing Wednesday morning: The 2022 midterms were shaping up to be one of the record highs.

The winning candidates recorded several historic firsts in the races for the mansions of Governor, Congress and the Senate.

Johanna Chisholm reports.

Bevan HurleyNovember 11, 2022 9:00 p.m.


America is bitterly divided – and it’s no surprise

A red wave? Not really. How about a blue wave? Not that either.

In fact, as America voted in midterm elections that will decide control of the chambers of Congress and kick off the 2024 presidential showdown, all we really learned was something we already knew – that America is bitterly and deeply divided.

Bevan HurleyNovember 11, 2022 8:30 p.m.


Boebert – who voted against bills supporting veterans – posts Veterans Day message

Lauren Boebert – who voted against several bills that would have supported American veterans – posted a message for Veterans Day telling the US military they are “loved” as she remains deadlocked in a race to retain his seat in the Senate.

Republican MAGA shared a video on Twitter Friday morning where she told veterans she was “so proud to be an American and so grateful for the freedom we all enjoy because of you.”

“You are more loved than you will ever know,” she added, speaking in front of an American flag.

Ms Boebert captioned the post: “We can never thank our veterans enough. God bless you as we honor your service to our great country on Veterans Day! »

The IndependentRachel Sharp has the full story:

Rachel SharpNovember 11, 2022 8:00 p.m.


Boebert’s hometown reacts to close race

A new tenant was cleaning up the space that once housed Lauren Boebert’s restaurant on Wednesday – the infamous Shooters sign is gone – as the congresswoman continued to trail her Democratic challenger nearly 20 hours after polls closed in Colorado .

The shelling of the gun-themed restaurant on Rifle’s main street – after the landlord decided not to renew his lease over the summer – was a fitting parallel to the career of the former owner of Shooters.

Boebert had been projected to easily beat Adam Frisch, but as of Friday the race is still too close to be announced.

In his constituency, voters are focused on results.

The Independentby Sheila Flynn addresses voters in Ms. Boebert’s hometown:

Rachel SharpNovember 11, 2022 7:35 p.m.


Colorado Voters Decriminalize Psychedelic Mushrooms

Colorado voters passed a ballot initiative to decriminalize psychedelic mushrooms for people 21 and older and create state-regulated “healing centers” where patients can experience the drug under surveillance.

Colorado becomes the second state, after Oregon, to vote to establish a regulated system for substances like psilocybin and psilocin, the hallucinogens found in certain mushrooms. The initiative, which would come into effect in 2024, will also allow an advisory board to add other herbal psychedelic drugs to the program in 2026.

Proponents have argued that the state’s current approach to mental health has failed and that natural psychedelics, which have been used for hundreds of years, can treat depression, PTSD, anxiety, addiction and other conditions. They also said that jailing people for the non-violent offense of using natural substances costs taxpayers money.

Critics have warned that the Food and Drug Administration has not approved the substances as drugs. They also argued that allowing “healing centers” to operate and allowing private personal use of the drugs would jeopardize public safety and send the wrong message to children and adults that the substances are safe.

The move comes a decade after Colorado voted to legalize recreational marijuana after initially allowing its use for medical reasons, leading to a multi-billion dollar industry with hundreds of dispensaries across the country. ‘State.

Rachel SharpNovember 11, 2022 7:15 p.m.


Is Colorado heading for a recount?

In Colorado, an automatic recount is triggered if a candidate wins by a margin of 0.5% or less of the leading candidate’s total votes.

This means that, to avoid a recount, Lauren Boebert or Adam Frisch would have to lead with around 788 votes.

If a recount is triggered, it must be completed within 35 days of Election Day.

Rachel SharpNovember 11, 2022 6:50 p.m.


Boebert asks for recount donations

Lauren Boebert appears to have accepted that her run against Adam Frisch may be subject to a recount as she asks supporters for donations to help her.

“I told you all year the left would do anything they could to get rid of me,” the incendiary Republican wrote in a tweet.

“As this race comes down to every last vote, I need you to help us ensure we have the resources to finish what we started!”

The appeal for donations came as she held a lead of just 0.4% over Mr Frisch at 1 p.m. Friday.

If the stroke drops to 0.5%, a recount will occur automatically.

Megan SheetsNovember 11, 2022 6:30 p.m.


Adam Frisch ran against Boebert’s ‘angertainment’

Before Election Day, Adam Frisch said The Independent that he decided to face Republican MAGA in the race for his seat in the United States House in response to his “angertainment”.

He said that phrase is what “Rep. Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Greene and a lot of other people – and there are some on the left too – who use this kind of just… yelling and yelling. I mean, lots of time on Twitter, lots of time on cable news networks, and not really focused on the job at hand.

Mr. Frisch, a currency trader who served on the Aspen, Colorado, City Council for eight years, added that he found some of his bizarre comments “disgusting and unethical to America”.

“I thought, you know, if a moderate, pragmatic, pro-business Democrat could get through the Democratic primary, which wouldn’t be easy — and it wasn’t — I thought I could put together a coalition,” he said. he declares.

Rachel SharpNovember 11, 2022 6:10 p.m.


Who is Adam Frisch?

Democrat Adam Frisch and Republican Lauren Boebert are currently neck and neck for a Senate seat.

Mr. Frisch, 55, is a former currency trader who served for eight years on the Aspen City Council and is married with two children.

He was unaffiliated for decades before joining the Democratic Party in 1992 and has described himself as a non-traditional Democrat who, if elected, would seek to join the bipartisan Problem Solvers Caucus.

He previously said The Independent that he decided to run against Ms. Boebert for several reasons. He found some of his comments ‘disgusting and unethical for America’ and objected to his brand of ‘angertainment’, a phrase he often uses and which Mr Frisch says he borrowed from a friend .

It refers to what “Rep. Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Greene and a lot of other people – and there are some on the left as well – who use this kind of just… yelling and yelling. I mean, lots of time on Twitter, lots of time on cable news networks, and not really focused on the job at hand.

Rachel SharpNovember 11, 2022 5:50 p.m.


Who is Lauren Boebert?

Lauren Boebert, 35, is the Republican incumbent holding the United States House seat in Colorado’s 3rd congressional district.

The MP first made headlines not as a politician but as a restaurateur. His establishment, called Shooters, has come to public attention for its waiters openly carrying guns during their shifts. She also refused to stop offering meals on wheels during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Ms Boebert made national headlines again after she interrupted a campaign event organized by then-presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke, who had run to strengthen gun control measures in order to combat gun violence in the country. She was armed when she crashed the event and challenged Mr O’Rourke’s claim that he wanted to confiscate the assault weapons.

Later that year, she announced her candidacy, challenging then-incumbent Scott Tipton. Ms. Boebert ran a campaign largely rooted in MAGA ideology and loyalty to former President Donald Trump, and continued to promote nationalist ideals during her tenure in Congress.

During her campaign and her tenure in Congress, Ms. Boebert has been criticized for saying she “hopes [QAnon] is true,” closeness to the right-wing Proud Boys gang, and claiming she is “with the militias.” She came under greater scrutiny after lining up with Capitol rioters on Jan. 6 and tweeting ‘today is 1776’ as Trump loyalists attacked the building and police. of the Capitol.

Ms. Boebert is married to her husband, Jayson, and they have four sons together.

Rachel SharpNovember 11, 2022 5:30 p.m.