Head of LFC Jurgen Klopp had plenty to smile about recently – this season Liverpool have already won the Carabao Cup and the FA Cup, and now they could be on the verge of lifting another trophy as they head to the Champions League final in Paris.

With all that smile, Klopp showed off his dazzling pearly whites. The famous manager has a surprisingly white smile, but it wasn’t always that way.

Back in 2017, fans started noticing that Klopp’s smile looked a bit different, as many saw his dramatically whiter teeth during a press conference.

Since then, the former Borussia Dortmund manager has spoken openly about his dental transformation.

Here’s everything we know about his new gnashers.

Who is Jürgen Klopp’s dentist?

Dr Hughes is the architect of many footballers’ smiles

Jurgen Klopp’s dentist is Dr Robbie Hughes, owner of Liverpool-based practice Dental Excellence.

Hughes is responsible for many famous smiles as he has worked with Liverpool players for many years.

His journey to becoming ‘football’s dentist’ began in 2008 when a friend introduced him to the Reds defender. Martin Skrtel.

Lucas Leiva then came to Hughes and soon the whole Brazilian friendship group at Anfield signed up for his services.

Speaking about what it’s like to work with football stars, Dr Hughes told Sportsmail: “I feel very privileged and very grateful to be able to be able to look after people in sport and people who play. for the country to the Euro.

“It’s not something that overwhelms me in terms of their fame and star relationships. It’s just another mouthful to me.”

Klopp’s teeth before and after

THEN: Klopp’s teeth before 2017 weren’t the dazzling pearly whites he has today

Dr Hughes claims Klopp came to get his teeth done after seeing the work he had done on Roberto Firminowho debuted her dazzlingly white teeth after asking the dentist for “maximo” whiteness.

In an interview with BBC Sport in 2019, Hughes said: “Working with Jurgen Klopp came about because he saw Roberto’s new teeth and decided he wanted to do something.

“When Jurgen came to see us, he just said he liked Roberto’s teeth, he wouldn’t want to go that white, but he liked his teeth.”

Klopp's smile is considerably whiter
AFTER: Klopp’s smile is considerably whiter

Jurgen’s teeth have been transformed by the dentist, but he denies that Firmino was his inspiration.

The manager told Soccer AM: “It’s not that I saw Bobby Firmino’s teeth and said ‘I want them!'”

He explained that he had had problems with his teeth which needed treatment, including antibiotics, and halfway through when he still had problems he asked Dr Hughes “could we do something again”.

After the procedure, Klopp was pleased with his sparkling new smile.

“I like them but obviously it’s different, but they feel comfortable.”