In the wake of a personal tragedy, author Liz Jamieson-Dunne set out to compile the stories of courage and healing of twelve people who faced their fears and found transcendence. Through her own experience of loss and grief, Liz offers readers a path to hope and life-changing transformation. Its unique compilation of healing stories also includes the artistic expression created by the profiled individuals, providing a visual representation of their journeys from pain to healing.

“When you’re hurt deep within yourself,” said Liz, author and creative spiritual consultant, “Spirit opens the door to your hidden courage.”

Liz suffered significant losses: two husbands, her niece, plus a daughter, miscarriages, friends and animals. She discovered that death was a constant and unwelcome visitor, and her life took a dramatic turn due to these losses. Liz has found a way to reenter life in a deep, productive and meaningful way. Through counseling and inner work, she attained comfort and a renewed sense of spiritual service. Liz created a social platform and network called Finding Hidden Courage, dedicated to helping others overcome adversity and find the courage that resides within everyone. She invites others to join her community through her website: and sign up for her workshops and consultations. His new bestseller Finding Hidden Courage is now available on Amazon.

About the book: Find the hidden courage, inspired by Liz’s niece, Susan was an internist at Johns Hopkins, who died in 2018 after a four-year battle with cancer. She launched a survivorship program for women facing cancers “below the belt”. She has dedicated her life to empowering gynecological cancer survivors, raising funds to support research efforts, and raising awareness for “cancers below the waistline.” Part of the funds raised by Liz’s book, Find the hidden courage, are donated to the Susan L. Burgert MD Gynecologic Oncology Survivorship Program. She was inspired to reach out to others who have endured their own “dark night of the soul”. The book’s stories and illustrations reveal twelve individual journeys to healing and rejoining life. This collection of heartfelt life experiences uniquely offers artistic expression as a path to the heart, where human connection makes everyone whole.

About the Author: Liz is a Certified Spiritual Practitioner with Spiritual Life Centers, Neurolinguistics Master Practitioner, Huna Energy Guide and Artistic Expression Facilitator. She sits on three boards and volunteers with several charities. Formally a successful Marketing Executive with over 35 years of experience in Fortune 200 companies building companies and products domestically and internationally in consumer packaged goods and direct response marketing. She publishes her first book, Find the hidden courage, dedicated to helping others overcome adversity by recognizing and finding the courage that lies deep within everyone. As a creative spiritual consultant, she works with others to help them transform their life challenges into a more loving and joyful life.

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