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Local farmer stops selling sweet corn due to weather conditions

ELY, Iowa (KCRG) — Over thirty years as a farmer, Butch Wieneke knows what high-quality sweet corn looks and tastes like. That’s why selling anything other than the best is not an option for him and his family.

Last Thursday they made the difficult decision to stop selling.

“It just dried up. The cobs weren’t filling up and I wasn’t going to sell inferior corn. It’s just… I’m not going to do this. I don’t care about its price,” Wieneke said.

In a Facebook post from Wink’s public relations manager, Elli Netolicky, the ears weren’t developing the way they wanted.

Sweet corn quality can change very quickly, and due to lack of rain in eastern Iowa last week, personal and public orders have come to a halt.

Now they wait and watch to see how the cultures develop.

And it’s a challenge that many of his fellow farmers also see. Wieneke spoke of his friends in Shueyville and West Liberty who also refuse to sell low-quality sweet corn.

“I needed about 60 dozen for some canning, and I called him up and said, ‘Hey, I don’t have any, can you help me?’ And he said “I don’t have it either,” Wieneke said.

For loyal customers, Wink plans to open a “You Pick” option where they can come to the farm and pick their own ears. As soon as corn returns to its standard level, it plans to reopen.

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