Reporting to the Country Cluster Head of Delegation, the objective of this position is to lead a unit that ensures the proper functioning of the cluster’s institutional services in a coordinated manner, while supporting the development program of the national society. The Support Services Manager is responsible for overseeing the planning, management and monitoring of resources available to carry out agreed activities for finance, administration, human resources, legal, information technology and digital transformation, logistics and supply, business continuity and security for the national cluster. Delegation.

Coordination of support services

  • Act as a trusted advisor to the Country Cluster Head of Delegation on matters relating to areas of responsibility.
  • Ensure overall organizational coherence and coordination, proper risk management, compliance and oversight.
  • Lead the development of meaningful corporate systems, programs, policies and tools, the effective delivery of corporate services and the effective provision of administrative support within the cluster office.
  • Support and supervise staff, providing them with the necessary guidance to ensure that they achieve the desired results in their duties and responsibilities.
  • Act as technical support, adviser to National Societies supported by the Country Cluster delegation on institutional service functions. Ensure that regular activities around capacity building are carried out in coordination with National Societies.

Service delivery and improvement

  • Oversee the recruitment of a high quality independent legal advisor to meet the needs of the country cluster delegation.
  • Oversee the effective implementation of the IFRC business continuity policy and ensure coordination and alignment with global policy while considering national contexts and legal frameworks.
  • Responsible for planning, managing and monitoring the business continuity plan. Advise and support National Societies in the area of ​​business continuity as required.
  • Ensure that all IFRC structures and operations in the office and areas of operation comply with minimum security requirements (MSR). Provide adequate protection to all personnel, assets and operations under the responsibility of the IFRC ensuring that all identified threats to safety and security are prevented or mitigated.
  • Ensure comprehensive and effective 24/7 security management has a positive impact on operational practices. Ensure that all security management procedures and policies in place are properly developed.

Human Resources Management Function:

Oversee the establishment of a consistent approach to all aspects of human resources management – including talent acquisition and management, people development, HR analysis and reporting, performance, learning and development, compensation and benefits, and compliance.

  • Provide overall supervision of human resources staff; Senior Officer, Corporate Services (Finance and Human Resources).
  • Contribute to the understanding, implementation and compliance with human resources policies and procedures and the IFRC Competency Framework.
  • Ensure timely renewal of staff contracts, performance reviews, update of National Staff Regulations, schedules, policies, recruitment processes, revision of Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA ) and salary survey if necessary.
  • Provide timely, accurate and appropriate advice to managers and staff regarding human resource management issues.
  • Oversee the effective onboarding of new staff, including the establishment of appropriate payroll and other documentation.
  • Ensure that effective and confidential record keeping and data management systems are implemented with respect to:
    • Personal files
    • Occupational health and safety
    • Workers compensation and rehabilitation
    • Performance review and development
    • Training and development

Financial Services and Internal Control Framework

Lead financial planning, management and tracking of resources for effective and efficient delivery for the cluster office.

Financial direction

  • Provide general supervision to the Officer, Corporate Services (finance and human resources).
  • Ensure that all regular IFRC financial transactions, cash management and its documentation are carried out in a timely manner in accordance with applicable IFRC guidelines, policies and regulations.
  • In collaboration with program managers and regional finance colleagues, prepare, review and update budgets for IFRC-funded projects.
  • Prepare financial reports to donors including account balancing, transfer notes, etc.
  • Ensure that the project agreement is in place for the cash transfer system, with a clear budget breakdown, project plan, implementation schedule and reporting deadlines.
  • Monitor cash requests and analysis against signed project agreement.
  • In collaboration with the IFRC regional office in Nairobi, manage cash pledges and reporting to donors.
  • Ensure that donor and IFRC guidelines are strictly adhered to in program implementation.
  • Ensure effective financial communication and coordination between the country cluster delegation and the IFRC regional office in Nairobi, Kenya.
  • Ensure the highest standards in financial reporting.
  • Support the improvement of the performance management of NS finances.

Management and supervision of administrative, logistical and IT functions.


Ensure the effective and efficient delivery of administrative services (e.g. meetings and conferences, translation and interpretation, archiving, insurance, travel, building and office) in the cluster office.

  • Ensure the overall supervision of the agent, Corporate Services (administration, IT and logistics).
  • Develop and maintain clear and efficient administrative procedures of the Country Cluster Delegation Office – Dakar, aligned with IFRC processes and procedures.
  • Ensure the timely provision of administrative services to IFRC delegates (in the office and in residences) and national staff when requested.
  • Ensure the timely provision of administrative services to FSPs as required by integration or service agreements.
  • Coordinate and manage effective information management systems, including filing (electronic and paper), library resources, directives, policies, databases and correspondence.
  • Ensure effective management of all contracts, agreements, memorandums of understanding and other legal documents.

Information Technology and Digital Transformation

Support the achievement of the digital transformation of the Secretariat’s business as well as high quality IT infrastructure and telecommunications services, collaboration and consistency in the implementation of the Federation’s digital transformation strategy at member level by close cohesion with IT colleagues in the regional office.

  • Oversee the support provided by the Support Services Manager (Admin, IT and Logs) to various users/stakeholders and ensure standard IFRC protocols are followed and adhered to.
  • Ensure timely preparation and generation of information products such as infographics, dashboards and maps for information sharing and dissemination to relevant stakeholders.

Supply chain management

Lead the overall coordination and management of supply chain activities while ensuring that resources are aligned with the Federation’s GLS strategy. Ensure supply targets are met and optimize service quality and cost/commercial efficiency.

  • With close cohesion between different stakeholders and partners, coordinate and manage logistics support at the national level for IFRC activities in accordance with IFRC standards, practices and procedures.
  • Lead coordination with other humanitarian/government agencies in the cluster to ensure the provision of a quality logistics service that meets the needs of partners and service users, avoids duplication and focuses on providing assistance to vulnerable people.
  • Ensure that the most optimal and cost-effective sourcing options are explored (taking into account available global framework agreements).
  • Oversee activities related to local procurement, ensuring adherence to IFRC procurement procedures for logistics requisition, local tendering, bid benchmarking and contract award, and maintain records that meet the full audit trail standard.
  • Ensure the IFRC fleet (all assets deployed in operation including IFRC and nationally integrated PNS resources in accordance with GLS strategies/procedures and the fleet manual as well as other guidelines, standards and processes to ensure high quality service delivery to meet service requirements and users with safety, environmental control and fleet management objectives
  • Provide advice and contracts for goods and services required by the country cluster delegation.

Effective matrix and human management

  • Ensure a well-managed team while fostering a culture of performance and continuous learning.
  • Contribute to effective coordination with technical units within the regional office structure.
  • Coordinate effectively with focal points from other IFRC offices.

How to register

This is a national executive position, open to Senegalese nationals and holders of a work permit for Senegal.

Applicants are requested to apply by September 21, 2022 via the IFRC website at the link below:

Manager, Corporate Services (Readvertised)